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GW 501516 Questions

Haven’t run GW but I have had some buddies who had, what kind of gains/ results did you guys have from it, I have a couple questions and concerns though

  1. is it true GW will slowly move your fast twitch dominant fibers into being more slow twitch?

  2. you guys think GW would be good for a sport like football, trying to make it through fall camp, etc

  3. I’ve heard some rumors, or talks about cancer, supposedly only in rats on crazy doses but has anyone found real research that shows cancer is a possibility

  4. does it need to be cycle, I know it isn’t suppressive to anything, so I was wondering is their a down regulation of the receptors similar to beta 2s atagoinst

my thinking is Im an offensive lineman, very twitched up, can jump really high, good athletes, strong, my one issue is my stamina at times, even though Im realively lean, this is my weakness so Im trying to address it through any means necessary, btw ncaa docent test for it, so even if it just helps a little I don’t really care, ill take a sliver of advantage whenever I can get it
did you take the gw pre workout and did its effects come right away?

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Btw if you toke a look at your notes I’d be very interested in the fast twitch conversion, so far from what I can tell, i can’t see any mechanism in their that would cause that adaption, if its just the growth of slow twitch thats fine, I just don’t want there to be a conversion, my explosiveness is my main strength and I don’t want that to be taken away

if i remember, the muscle fiber conversion was only in rats… and i think the only thing that was shown to occur in short term human trials was conversion of LDL (bad cholesterol) to HDL (good cholesterol).

haha I play at a very large school that runs a hurry up offense, average length between plays 15 seconds on average, fastest is 10 slowest is 25. Usually 5 to 8 play sets, than the 2’s go, ETC, or if your shitty and get stuck on scout team you don’t get a break hahaha

So you think if I kept up on my explosive lifts etc that my explosion strength would remain intact?

This is precisely what I was looking for, it also hows some nutrient pertaining properties etc… right?

shit… i’m doing some reading on PPARs right now, and from what i’m gathering, it’s likely to promote changes from type II to type I. i think this occurs by forcing the body to use fats instead of carbs. additionally, PPARs are uncoupling proteins, which can trigger gene responses in muscles, which might be the signal to have a change in fiber type…

i dunno, if you want to give it a whirl and a quick assessment before the season starts, then i doubt the changes would be permanent. however, if you have something as significant as an NFL contract riding on it, then you might wanna forgo it…

what I’m curious too, is it an actual conversion or just a percentage change, so if you have a muscle with a hundred muscle fibers and 50 are fast twitch and 50 are slow twitch and you grow 10 new muscle fibers from satellite cells etc, then you would have a higher percentage of slow twitch even though your power capacity remained unchanged

well, i think it’s more a matter of fiber type change than an increase…

if we look at muscle fiber types, type I have more mitochondria and capillaries. on the flip side, type IIa largely rely on creatine and glycogen, but do have some mitochondria. type IIb fibers have even less mitochondria than type IIa, and rely even more on creatine and glycogen.

^so with that being said, if you convert your type IIb fibers, then they’ll prolly end up IIa, which shouldn’t influence your power output much. however, if you have mostly type IIa fibers, you could end up with more type I fibers…

from what i’ve read, that conversion typically doesn’t take place very quick, and i’m sure training regimens dramatically affect how much the conversion occurs, as well.

i’m certainly no training expert, but Joel Jamieson’s book Ultimate MMA Conditioning really opened my eyes to how training can affect specific traits.

my thing is the only clinical study this has been proven on so far is rats, and they should a 7 percent decrease in fast twitch, now that been said, their training regimen was slow twitch focused, sustained cardio, etc, and so forth, so I’m hoping that if I keep up the explosive movements that my body will support both types, because if my vertical goes from 31 to 29 who cares if I can play every play hard which has been my weakness so hard, at least thats my hope lol

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I was going to say…what is your limiting factor? If it’s conditioning then maybe it’s worth it. Also I have no idea what your training and bodyweight is like but repeat hill sprints, sled drags, and prowler pushes may be what you need instead as they will improve your recovery capacity and lungs but not convert your fast twitch muscles.

And as you said, I’m highly skeptical of the findings of that study as the training was all slow twitch oriented. That alone could cause some conversion.

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I can crush sled pushes, 20 yard heavy prowlers easily, its the actual running, gassers, and 100 yard sprints and shit like that, that absolutely blows me out, also looking for something to give me a extra boost during camp, in case you guys are wondering camp is rough as fuck

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do you do any steady state cardio?

some not a lot though, do some bike intervals once a week, some treadmill intevevals once a week, and then walks with the gf and her dogs sometimes at night, thats one of my other issues is my body sheds weight like no other, i battled hard to get up to 305 and thats why I’m weary of a ton of cardio

that might be your issue…

seriously, check out Jamieson’s stuff. he explains why intervals are great, but not the end-all, be-all for conditioning…

also, does your S&C coach have any suggestions for this?

yes, just increase cardio, I can’t really go to my head S&C coach and be like how much albuterol and GW should I take for my endurance gains lol

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Oh I believe you. My high school football camp was harder than Army basic training.

20yd heavy prowlers and such isn’t exactly what I had in mind, unless you’re doing it all out and with 10sec rest between reps until you vomit. I’m talking 40-60yd full sprint prowlers with minimal recovery and going for 14-20 reps. I also would advocate at least SOME steady state cardio like @cycobushmaster.

Conditioning is very hard to attain and is and very fleeting for a big, explosive guy like yourself. Sucks :unamused: GW might help you some but as cyco said he still got gassed as fuck on it, just recovered faster.

One of the problems is that you are just capable of extraordinary anaerobic outputs, and that can outrun your recovery capacity, because while you expend energy anaerobically, it builds up an oxygen debt since the body still needs oxygen to replenish that ATP/CP energy pathway.

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haha 14 to 20 reps would be ass, did ten today at 50 yards with 180 pounds on the prowler, was pretty rough on turf

and the last part of your previous post is what I think it is, S and C coach thought the same thing when i asked him today, he said just make the best out of it, when it comes to pro ball they would rather have guy twitched up than a super conditioned guy, still gonna try some of the gw at 15 mg a day, might up to 30 if it goes well, anybody see in issue with that dosage