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Hi to all: I’d like to get the feedback of those who have done GVT2000, what they thought of it, what their results were, and especially what they think of it as a bulking protocol. As I search for a new program that focuses on hypertrophy, I began to do this one earlier this week, and am curious as to its effectiveness. One thing I’ve noticed in doing only a couple of GVT2000 workouts is the following. Because the weight is kept the same for 9 of the 10 sets per body part, some exercises are more difficult than others, i.e. it’s more difficult to lift 10 reps of incline press than 10 reps of decline, using the same weight. what is the rationale for using the same weight all the way through? Finally, how many weeks would be appropriate to continue this program? Thanks for any feedback anyone can offer. appreciate it.

I’ve never tried GVT2000, but I have heard it is really boring and alot of people didnt get the results they were looking for. Your best bet is to do CT’s OVT program which is a hybrid of GVT2000.