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I’ve been thinking about giving the GVT2000 program a try, but have a few questions for anyone who has tried it. First of all by being able to change exercises does it mean i just have to do sets of 10 for incline chest, flat chest and decline chest with the same weight or can i change weight according to how strong i am at a particular exercise? (Example 75’sDB for 3x10 for flat, 65’sDB for incline, 55’sDB for decline). Question 2, had anyone used this method with an Ian King type split (Quad Dom, Horizontal pull/push, Hip Dom, Vertical push/pull)? Would it be to muuch to do 10x10 for Horizontal pushing and 10x10 for horizontal pulling in one day…followed later in the week by 10x10 vertical pushing and 10x10 vertical pulling?