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GVT2000 is to GVT as 'x' is to EDT?

Looking over EDT - which seems to be a great workout - it appears it might present some of the drawbacks of other high volume training protocols focusing on a relatively few exercises. I believe that was some of the reasoning behind the creation of GVT2000 - to provide a wider variety of stimuli to the muscles group with different exercises while still maintaining the high volume of training. Would there be a way to do that with EDT? Could 15 or 20 minute sessions alternating between two muscle groups become 3-4 exercises for each group at 5 minutes each, still staying with the idea of completing more reps than the last workout? Am I comparing apples to oranges here - GVT and EDT? Or could some of the improvements GVT2000 offered be applied, in principle, to Staley’s great application of high-density workouts for hypertrophy. Was wondering if anyone had thoughts on this… Thanks in advance.

there are probably loads of variations you could do using the time limit principle of this program - but I feel charles staley designed the program due to its simplicity and in trying to make it complicated you might lose the essence of the program - yes that might work but with the main flaw is that as you decrease the time limit of each ‘set’ you are going to find yourself really pushed to keep on improving in number of reps.

If you look carefully at EDT 1 & 2, you’ll have 2 & 3 exercises per body part so it’s not like GVT. EDT, like CPT or anything else is a TEMPLATE. Use 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes and just try to get in more reps per time frame, period. It’s that simple, don’t seek to overcomplicate stuff unless it’s necessary.

Last note, IMHO 20 minutes at 70% with 2 exercices equal 10(5+5) sets, so watch out for overtraining is you use only EDT. Be sure to load some special goodies to enhance recovery…

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