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Hi, I’ve been stuck at around 160 lb for awhile now and I’m at around 5% bodyfat. I was wondering if German Volume Training is a good choice for me. Also Since I’m only 16, can I stay on it longer and still have it be succesful? I was also wondering if anybody else has had success with GVT.

Bill, while GVT is certainly a good program, especially TC’s new version in issue #118, the inability to gain (or lose) weight is mostly a matter of diet. I maintain that the type of training you do is secondary to diet in relation to your goals. Check my “Dawg School” column, issue #105 for some weight gain tips (Read the “Tired of Being Skinny” question.) The FAQ section should help too.

I actually was on the get-big diet before with minimal success. I decided to start the anabolic diet, then do the GVT while on it. What I was wondering was do you think I will l gain around 10 lbs of lean muscle if my diet is perfect and I try GVT.

I really like the modified GVT training. I have incorperated its philosophy in to many of my work outs with some good success. Try it. I think you will like it, you will definately be sore, since fatigue is my only real goal.

Bill, there are way too many variables to be able to say, “Yes, you will gain 10 pounds.” But, given that you’re taking care of the basics- sleep, protein, caloric intake, revovery- and assuming your not genetically cursed, then yes, I’ll say you can gain a good amount of muscle using GVT (or any other good program). I don’t know anything about your training age or anything else, but I’m quite sure that a 16 year old can add 10 pounds (plus a lot more) with the right diet and any decent training program.

This is sort of a side note and not aimed directly at you Bill, but I’ve noticed that way too many people will reasearch the hell out of a program, study it intensely, analyze the science behind it etc. yet never seem to get around to DOING the program! You know, sometimes you just have to say ‘fuck it’ and get on board, whether it’s a diet or a workout! That’s the only way you’ll know whether it works for you or not.

Bill, if you want to get bigger, try GVT. If you try it and don’t gain some muscle mass then you know your diet isn’t where it needs to be.

Amen, Chris! I’ve been guilty of the same thing myself. Diet and supplement and training manipulation can be so intriguing mentally, that I suddenly realize, I’m spending WAY too much time researching facts, ALL THE WHILE SITTING ON MY ASS! That’s when I pop a “stack”, crank up some METALLICA, and get my butt to the gym pronto. The best laid plans HAVE to be implemented to work!

I remember doing GVT when I was 16 (I’m almost 20 now) and it worked like crazy. It was during the summer between grade 10 and grade 11, and my bodyweight went from 165 to 190 in 6 weeks. I did pretty much what Poliquin outlined the issue of Muscle Media 2000: 10x10 for 3wks then 10x6 for 3 wks with 1min between sets. When I think about it now (because I’m more interested in just getting stronger), I kind of wish I did more for strength, but if you just want to add mass, then I’m sure GVT would work great for you (it did for me anyway). Good luck!