I am currently doing Ian King’s Limping… for legs and tomorrow I am going to start gvt for upper body. However, instead of 10 sets of 10, I am going to use 8 sets of 8 (heard that this was Vince Gironda’s favorite). This will allow me to do 2 exercises per body part instead of only one. For most things I have the exercises selected eg. for back chins and bent over rows. I am not sure about chest though, at first I thought bench press and incline flyes one workout and incline press and flat flyes the next week. Now I am wondering if it would be better just to do bench press and incline press for all workouts? Or maybe low incline press and flat flyes for all workouts?Any suggestions?

I know this is not really answering your question but could solve your problem.
Check out OVT by CT.
it is based on the GVT program but lets you train heavier with doing multiple exercises for muscle groups.
I have done both GVT and OVT and both are good programs but the OVT is really an awesome program.
I must say i didn’t realy like the GVT 2000 (or what ever it was called) tho.

Yeah I would have done ovt instead but a few weeks ago I noticed a slight pain in my shoulder when in the bottom position of chins and rowing. So I thought it would be better to do gvt style training which uses much lighter loads and hopefully fix the shoulder problem.