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40 yoa, 5 years training, reasonable gains (weight 180, bench 295, 10 supinated chins…) is GVT a good idea for a natural lifter? I take a vitamin and protein, and am interested in trying out this program but I am concerned it might be more appropriate for someone who gets a little more chemical help then I. What do you guys think?

Absolutely, just make sure to eat big while doing a high volume program like GVT. No chemical help is necessary.

I’m similar stats to you and say go for it, just keep an eye on recovery and eat heaps. IMHO any program is ok for a max of 6 weeks before having a week off.

I think it’s fine provided you are watching for signs of overtraining, and only do the program for a short period of time before switching things up (say 2-3 weeks).