GVT with Slight Variation

Hey there, I was going to give German volume training a run. Using this split outlined by Charles Polquin:


Anyhow my main problem was my gym isn’t open on weekends so the whole 5 day rotation im not so sure how it will work.
Iv decided 3 different options
a)just train 3 days in a week
b)Do a chest/back day on saturday (e.g 10x10 Weighted decline push-ups/chin-ups) so that way im working out 4 times a week
c)do a heavy leg day friday (i know this doesn’t really fit in with GVT) with deadlifts so as to do a bit of strength work

I know and have read about some of the other variations of the original GVT layed out by CP.
However Iv been working out for 1 3/4, I weigh 180lbs and figured that some variants such as OVT, or advanced GVT etc may be a bit too advanced for me.
Im curious as to trying a high volume routine such as this though
any feedback or advice would be great

I see no problem here, that split will work just fine.

GVT has got to be one of the most useless systems I’ve ever come across :slight_smile:

It totally encourages this whole “blast/shock your muscles” with something extreme and useless for a few months then move onto something else where you can’t track real progress

That’s my take on it, sorry it’s not much help lol