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GVT With body weight movements

I’m kinda new to the GVT/GVT 2K. Does anyone know how effective it is with body weight only exercises??? Push-ups, Lunges, Body Squats etc. Any Input T-MONSTERS???

I doubt it highly. You need to “dial in” the weight for each bodypart to get the full effect of GVT. For myself, doing 10 sets of 10 using pushups…wouldnt do squat for me, nor would 10x10 of bodyweight squats. On the other hand if you are new to the iron game, and dont have a lot of strength yet, it might just work…I don’t know…try it and see! If you are an experienced lifter, I would stick to using weights for GVT

I could only see it being effective if you are doing exercises that you can only do about 12-20 reps with. For example, I know I can do 50 pushups without much problem, so 10 sets of 10 wouldn’t really be very effective. However, if you can only do say 15, they that would likely work fine. Honestly though, I would recommend doing it with normal weights. Maybe that’s just my bias though.