GVT? Who Has It Worked For?

hey guys some of you may have read my post talking about wanting to get bigger. 5’9", 180lbs, 10% bf blah blah. im trying to do what everyone says and just keep reading on here but i was wondering who has had some good results from GVT or even OVT. i read about it on friday and saturday i did a chest/back workout. im not sure if i got the load right though.

typical bench would go like this for me: 135x10 warm up, 225x10, 255x6-8, 275x4 (and by typical i mean thats what i did wednesday of last week). but i was trying to think of what weight i could handle for 20 reps- as thats how it was described you should pick your weight, and i thought the only weight i could handle for literally 20 reps was like 135.

the antagonist exercise i went with was t-bar rows -old school with the barbell shoved in a corner cuz we done have a fancy machine- and i put 2 45’s on because once again i wanted to go with what i could handle for 20. just as a side not im going to do BB rows for the antagonist next time instead.

anyway i dont really feel anything today as far as soreness, not that its a true indicator of growth but i feel like they are somewhat related- and besides not feeling anything i got my 10 reps for all 10 sets of both exercises. and it was boring btw…anyway, did i use too light a weight for these or what? anyones experiences? thanks

To simplify it, if you went too light then raise the weight. I think you underestimated your strength. Check out a one-rep calculator and adjust your weight accordingly for the next workout.

As for GVT I’ve read mixed results. I’m trying AGVT right now and so far it’s working well, although having quit smoking a week before I started I bet that everything from Heavy Duty to the original GVT would work for me for the next month or so.

Neither worked for me. Too boring. And I respond better to heavier weights and lower reps with moderate to high volume.

Well. I’m on AGVT and it has it’s + and - 'es. As for + side it adds mass all around but as a - side you can be held back in some muscle growth. Like for me, it did not effect traps and my chest need more than AGVT offers to grow faster. But it’s all due to excercises that you use.You need to choose those excercises that effect alot of muscle grups. As for basic growth program I think it rocks and after you finish you can devote your time to the muscles that are little behind…