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GVT + Weight Loss?

OK this may be dumb and thats fine if i get hosed for it. But at least i put it in the beginners section not the bodybuilders section haha.

So i need to lose some body fat, well probably a lot. Im sitting at about 5’10 ish and 212, 20 years old. Ive been as high as 240 HS football and as low as 195 about a year and a half ago. Im really interested in trying German Volume Training (GVT) and thought that since the rep scheme is so high that I could do that plus my usual cardio to loss BF% while keeping/gaining strength?

Does this sound plausible or due to the high intensity will I have to up my kcals to the point where losing the BF may not be what I am thinking? I really do not have any clue if this is a good idea but Ive wanted to try GVT for a while and was just looking for some input.

Thanks all,

I would have thought you would burn out due to low calories and such high volume training, GVT should work better with high caloric surplus. Whats your BF%? Goals?

thanks for the input thats what i kind of figured. Well my goal would probably be around 10-12% for now, basically because ive never been that low and would love to see how i look at that. Then again if I were to like how i looked at a higher BF it wouldnt upset me.

I would prefer to go off the mirror with the numbers more a secondary concern. But the numbers would sure make me feel good haha. Long term goal is to get as big and strong as possible. In late December i weighed 232 at 27% BF. (one of those that you hold in your hand and it gives you a reading)

Now im down to 212 as stated if that gives any clue to where im at now…? Ive gotten stronger and clothes are a lot looser. I know thats not much to go off of but a general idea if it helps you out. Do you think if i were to take in carbs pre and post workout, im currently barely taking in any carbs, that that could be enough to keep me from buring out?

In my experience, I start losing muscle mass and strength whenever I do more reps with lower weights while trying to lose fat. GVT requires you to use very low weights due to the high volume nature of the program. I think it is much better for you to lift heavy when dieting. Save GVT for when you’re trying to gain weight.

planning on starting monday unless someone has a real solid answer to which i should hear…thanks

I would highly recommend against trying to use GVT, I’m assuming you would use the original laid-out by Poliquin, for trying to lose fat. If you are actually going to do the program the right way, there is no way you will be able to be in a caloric deficit after one of those workouts, let alone try and throw in some cardio after you workout or after a leg day.

After just typing all this, I realized you probably tried your first week of this. Kinda curious as to how it’s working out for you.