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GVT Twist


Dear Friends

I have trained consistantly for 10 years, 31 years old, work in an office with
Little movement, train 5 days per week. My diet is currently 2500-3000 calories while
At 220lbs. I have maintained this for 2 years, I was pleased with the progress I made
With my lifts but now I am kind bored with the many many programs I do
From trainers. My fav was GVT and some of Jim stoppani program s

I much prefer high reps workouts, 3-4 exercises per muscle group and short
Training sessions around 30-45 mins including some 10 minutes or HIIT

With GVT being my fav workouts, I wanted to ask people's advice on
Doing a GVT with a twist

I wanted to try out 10x20 reps instead of 10x10 to see
What the results will be. No diet change just a trial

I will give myself 30s-60 rest between sets, do 3 movements total

Such as bench press for the 10x20, db incline press 3x10, db fly 3x12

And so on.... This for every muscle group

Anyone done a crazy style training such as this?

I dunno about Everyone but enjoyment is my main thing now, I seem to see
More results from just loving the workout, pushing myself to failure, eating well etc

Any advice would be fantastic, I am drug free also Incase people need to know for recovery reasons


As a short term blast should be ok: might give good gains, might completely burn you out -depends how your body responds to volume. Should torch bodyfat either way.


Dude, you have 10 years experience and have done dozens of programs. It's time for you to follow instinct. For example, lookIng at this, I know it would be a bad idea for me...

Just make sure you have a goal and a timeframe on this (eg after a year do some percentage of the weight you do on 10 reps for 20). It may help to build the reps over time rather than go head first into 20 though (volume is the tripping point for lots of folks and your doubling an already high volume program)


if you do this i would like to see your thoughts on this ,during sets ,after ,next day
week to week


I'm huffing and puffing at my desk just thinking about 10x20 squats with only 30-60sec rest breaks. If you do go through with it, please provide a post leg day self-assessment.


If he can get to his computer!

That's some serious volume there (what %1RM are you planning to use OP?)


That sounds as fun as getting kicked in the balls repeatedly by 4 Vietnamese strippers in stiletto boots. I am aware that some guys dig that shit so....

Good luck!


You are one masochistic SOB, haha.


Hey guys

Thanks for then replies

I did my first workout today, was shoulders and biceps

It was hard work, very pumped and rest periods are very low (30s) used a lower weight to get
The feel for the high reps and sets, probably 60% of my 15 rep max

Rest pause was used on the last set to complete, I was sweating hard at this point even just hitting shoulder press seated

I did 3 movements for shoulders
10x20 shoulder press, lateral raises 3x12, rear delt raises 3x12
10x20 cable curl and incline dumbbell curl 3x12

Biceps, pumped up rather a lot half way in, by time I got to 8-9 sets i felt like I had reached failure a couple of times in the sets, just kept pushing hard used rest pause 5-8 seconds on avenge.


Bad idea -adding post failure techniques on top of all this is asking for trouble

Sitck with the 10 sets for at least a couple weeks before adding even more work.


In my opinion, the problem isn't the volume but the fact that using a weight you can do for 20 reps is too light for a good stimulus for anything other than delts and biceps. Well, if your goal is to train endurance then maybe you're onto something.