GVT training

I have been doing the gvt for about 5 weeks now and have been getting great results. I was just interested in hearing from anyone else who has tried the grueling workouts, and being a female, can’t seem to find very many women that actually train.

Are you using GVT or GVT 2000? If using the original, I’d suggest you train another week and then take a week off. After that adopt something new and different. GVT and GVT 2000 are great, but the orignal always left me overtrained and hurting from the constant repetition of the same exercises. Now I only use for 3-4 weeks at a time. I’d suggest you switch programs soon to avoid any problems. Try the 1-6 Principle program at T-mag. Then you can go back to GVT after a few weeks. Just don’t do what I always did- which was keep doing the program until I got hurt (usually a shoulder problem.) Good luck! Nice to see a hard training female on the board!

Hi Stacie. A female doing GVT-I like that! A woman after my own heart. (didn’t mean that as a back handed compliment either). My former training partner (female) has done this, and I’ve done the original as well, both the 10/10 and the 10/6. I got great results in the arms from the 10/10 but little out of chest/legs. Gotta love the 10/10 squat days! I haven’t had the opportunity to do TC’s newer variation but after my Maximal Weights phase is done (just started today after 17 grueling weeks of dieting), I’m gonna give it a go. It seems to make so much more sense than just doing one exercise. If you’ve been on the program for 5 weeks, I would switch to another program. As I have heard Ian King say, “Don’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg.” It is very easy to overtrain on this program, particularly if you’re doing the original one. On the subject of females/training, I have actually found in my experience that women are much better training partners than men. You don’t happen to live in NE do you? Good luck!

Hi Stacie, I’m 3 weeks into GVT2K and I’ve gained 5 lb and leaned up a bit. The leg days are grueling, aren’t they? I added a rest day and am doing 8X10 instead of 10X10 as I feel it’s a better match for my recovery ability. I’ll be switching to the 1-6 program in another week or so to work with some heavier loading. Don’t want my maximal strength to drop too much! It is nice to hear from a woman who’s serious about training. Wish there were more of you out there. Keep us posted.

Hey, Stace! Great to hear you’re making progress. Being the complete masochist that I am, I absolutely love GVT-style training. I didn’t put the size on that most do because I didn’t up the cals to correspond with the demands of the workouts. After 5 workouts I felt my workouts started to level off a bit so I went to something with a little less volume. Like the other guys mentioned, it probably would be a good idea to start thinking about switching things up. GVT really opened my eyes, though. It’s truly demanding and takes everything out of ya. That’s how I like to leave the gym, with nothing left in the tank, looking forward to that post-workout nutrition. Good luck, Stacy, and keep up the awesome training!