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GVT - Thoughts?

Started GVT (German Volume Training) today.

Wondering if anyone else has done it before. It works well with my current school/work/life/kids schedule.

Did the Bench 10x10 & Bent Rows 10x10 today. Last 3 reps on last 2 sets were tuff and really looking forward to Wednesdays 10x10 squats (shootin for 225 on all 10).

If ya got any experience with it and how it worked for you over 6 weeks i’d love to hear about it.


I had some of my best gains on it, and 20 rep squats for any one program. I loved it, and going back on it later this year. Simple and effective, though a bit boring.

I’ve tried this program about three times in the past. Each time, I couldn’t get past the first week or two. I would get bored out of my mind doing the workouts or just get burned out during the second week.

In Poliquin’s “Five Elements” article:

I was clearly a “Wood” type but I do have some “Earth” traits. And GVT just wasn’t for me!

It’s great if you can stick with it. I gained about 13 lbs in 8 weeks without adding much if any fat – and I was 35 or 36 at the time. The key for me was that I logged every set and could see that I was getting stronger week to week. It helped cut the boredom to be able to see that it was actually working.

Yeah I log everything I do in my little binder. I look back at Oct of last year when 205 was my max bench and see that in April i hit 305 and its amazing to look at the progression.

It also motivates me when I see how after missing lifting for 6 weeks due to work where my strength really dropped. I went from 225x10 back down to 22x5. I’m back up to 225x7 now but haven’t ‘hit it hard’ like I was during my first 6 months.

As far as boredom goes I stick with pretty much any program I want to do. I did the hungarian oak program and I’ll be honest getting to 8 minutes wasn’t ‘fun’ but it sure was a blast to know you could go from 2 minutes to 8 minutes of straight lifting because you busted your ass to do so.

Part of me wants to ‘add’ something to it but instead i’ll just add some exercise (swimming/jogging) on my off days. A little break in the norm.

Quick question for follow up.

4th week into GVT right now and have a question:

Did 225x10x10 squats today and the last set was
3 reps, 2 breaths,
3 reps, 2 breaths,
2 reps, 3 breaths,
2 reps

It was killer but wondering if thats fine to finish off that way. With only 90 seconds rest between sets was really starting to suck wind. Started at 205 4 weeks ago so feeling good.

Should be fine as long as the break between reps isn’t more than about 15 secs

Cool thanks. I’m usually 5 seconds-8 seconds max when i’m taking breaths. Its 2-3 quick breaths then back into the pain :slight_smile:

Going for 235x10x10 which would be pretty nice.

From there I’m tempted to try a 20 squat rep program or something. Sadly I enjoy leg work though its a beast… guess its the ‘earth’ type mentality.

I experienced some gains on GVT (went from doing ten sets with 225 to ten sets with 245), but I was a newbie, so that may have something to do with it.

Mostly, it hurts strength. Unless you’re a newb, your 1RM will decrease. And you don’t necessarily get to display increases in your 10RM either, because you’re doing ten sets of them.

I think the thing that really got to me is that it’s hard to show progress. And I gotta see that what I’m doing is getting me stronger, because I wasted too much time just going through the motions early on.