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GVT Template for Type 2b?

Hi Chris,

I was surfing around your website and stumbled upon an article in which you talked about German volume training.

Since I’m a type 2b, this program is highly advised for me. I have already planned my training for the next months but I thought I could give this a try this summer, when I’ll be able to train indiscriminately during weekends.

Following Poliquin’s guidelines, which you too mentioned in your article, this is the split I came up with:

Week 1
Monday chest back 1
Tuesday legs 1
Wednesday off
Thursday delts arms 1
Friday off
Saturday chest back 2
Sunday legs 2

Week 2
Monday off
Tuesday delts arms 2
Wednesday off
Thursday chest back 1
Friday legs 1
Saturday off
Sunday delts arms 1


This way I’ll hit every muscle every 5 days and I’ll do the same exercises once every 10 days. These are the workouts:

Chest back 1
A1 Incline db press 10x10
A2 Smith machine Bent over row 10x10
B1 Low to high cable fly 3x10-12
C1 Prone lat pulldown 3x8-10

Chest back 2
A1 Flat db press 10x10
A2 Underhand lat pulldown 10x10
B1 Pec deck 3x8-10
C1 Neutral grip cable row 3x6-8

Legs 1
A1 Squat 10x10
A2 Leg curl 10x10
B1 Rdl 1xamrap
C1 Face pull 3x10-12

Legs 2
A1 Smith machine front squat 10x10
A2 Leg curl 10x10
B1 Cable pull through 3x8-10
C1 Face pull 3x10-12

Delts arms 1
A1 Smith machine close grip bench press 10x10
A2 Standing BB Curl 10x10
B1 Lateral raise 3x12-15
C1 Bent over rear delt raise 3x15-20

Delts arms 2
A1 Cable curl 10x10
A2 Rope pushdown 10x10
B1 Lateral raise 3x15-20
C1 Bent over rear delt raise 3x12-15

Let me know,

Dude it’s like the fifth time this week you ask about program here and at Paul Carter and in Bigger leaner stronger. Just pick a program and do it

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Just because I’m asking for feedback, doesn’t mean I plan on doing the program right away.

I’m just asking for a review and if it’s good eventually I might use it. Never mentioned, “hey i want to start this program tomorrow how’s it look”

Fair enough, forgive me.

The weekly schedule is good, but I would change some exercises:

_Low to high cable fly -> flat or decline DB press or dips if you’re good at them (CT advocates “high yield” exercises and flies won’t cut it.)
_Same with pec deck
_Lateral raises -> military press or push press or dumbbell press or arnold press

Also why smith machine rows? I would suggest either classic BB or DB rows. If you want something less straining search for Meadows row or one arm BB row.

Same with front squat. If you want to really focus on your legs then just smith machine BACK squat will be better, or one of these: belt squat, leg press, lumberjack squat

I’m lousy at Dips.

Also, I’m a little worried that’d be way too much pressing volume. If I recall correctly, CT’s suggestions for compound movements are mainly for the 10x10 exercises, and smaller exercises are okay for the two secondary movements

You prove by have a point, but I’d like to keep some sort of lateral delt focused movement. I think my front delts would get hit hard enough with the rest of the pressing, right?

It’s to avoid all that lower back fatigue. Meadows himself recommends rows in the smith machine and after having tried them, I can tell my back is way more active than with, the, regular Bb version.

It was intended to be an alternative since the front squat is, recommended against for a 10x10 program. Might as well do the regular back squat twice per week.

Yes these are good points. Do what will give you the best sensations.

But I would still at least replace one of the lateral raise with a press (CT said that the push press for instance is the best exercise for rear delt).
I also think you can try a DB press without trouble.

And yeah for the legs such high reps with a slow temp is a no-no for the front squat. Machine hack squat or leg press would be perfect

Wow, this is something I wasn’t expecting to read!

Can you link to something like an article in which he mentioned this? I’d really be interested in the specifics.

Right, i could do laterals and then db presses one day and the other rear raises and then db presses.

Wish my gym had a hack squat machine… But I can definitely make this work with a leg press.

Or, again, just squatting 2x week.

I might have exaggerated but I quote “the push press is the best overall shoulder developper” and I remember a discussion about how it would be great for the rear delts if done properly.