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GVT Subbing


I have extreme difficulty doing let alone one set of x10 chin ups, let alone 10x10. Wanted to know if anyone could guide me to a good alternative to pull ups I could use on this day.

Also, the one thing I do not like about this program is the lack of deadlifts and bench press-- prior to GVT my workouts all revolved around them! Anyway I can incorporate these critical lifts into my program without damaging Pilloquin's master plan here?



For the majority of people, bench press is a shitty chest exercise. Thats why they arent in there.

Go ahead and do 10x10 deadlifts. When your spine liquefies and drips down out of your ass, Im going to take your stereo.


If you can't do Pull-Ups don't the program, GVT is probably too advance for you, and considering you want to do 10x10 Deadlifts, you're not ready to follow the program for other reasons...