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GVT, Stripped Down Hypertrophy, Westside, DC Training

has anyone tried these workouts on cycle and what were the results…?


There’s not going to be any type of training that doesn’t work with gear.

DC works well on AAS. Westside, well, if you follow the Columbus scene at all, you should know that AAS and GH are integral to most of the crew. GVT? Ask Big Gay Al in 12 weeks.

What are your goals, and stats. Ive done GVT and westside, I personally love westside and think that it works best for me. I got good size gains in the early part of gvt, but its easy to lose intertest in. Again what are your goals.

Goals are primaraly to gain size, but also maintain/improve speed.

Looking at the westside articles there doesn’t seem to be much volume compared to other workouts. SO wouldn’t it be more effective to do a workout like joel marions stripped down hypertrophy, or dc training while your body is able to recover quicker??

Stripped down is an excellent template - and one that gets reverted back to by me periodically.

DC is also a great way to train, it rekindles enjoyment in a stagnant regime, as it is such low volume, high intensity and fun! - but again, i find it best used in a periodical fashion.

I personally never stay on the same workout for more than ~12 full body sessions.


Westside is a powerlifting routine, if your goal is size then go for a bodybuilding program.
Or make your own.

Here’s my dilemma, I will possibly be starting a test cycle in the future for 10 weeks. My main goal is size, but as a keen sportsmen (rugby) I would like to maintain some speed and increase my strength.

I guess what I am looking for opinions on is whether I should be doing Bill Starr’s simple 3 day a week strength routine or Joel Marrions SDH, my initial thoughts are that by doing the 5x5 i will not be taking advantage of my increased ability to recover as I am only training 3 times a week. The stripped down hypertrophy is 5 x a week but I think the volume may be too much.

Any opinions will be appreciated…

What about ws4sb3 with some modifications?

got any links to a simple ws3sb template or something?

AAS supplement your training, not the other way around. What works “off” will work “on”.

[quote]UltimateBulk wrote:
got any links to a simple ws3sb template or something?[/quote]


I follow it fairly closely except for the RE work I do a bodybuilding style set/rep scheme sometimes. Maybe after ME bench I’ll do 4x6-10 flat dumbell press… and later in week do 3 sets max dips.

I think extra supplemental work could be added for neck, forearms, calfs, arms etc. if you are careful.