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GVT split

I want to start GVT next week, but I’m concerned about the lack of rows in the program. I was thinking about splitting one of two ways: 1)Chest/Chins, Quads/Calves, off, Hip Dom./Rows, Shoulders/Arms, off, off. Or, 2) Chest/Rows, Legs, off, Chins/Shoulders, Arms, off, off. Thanks ya’ll. TK

For GVT, an excellent superset is bench
presses (or similar exercise such as
DB incline presses, etc.) and the Yates
row. This is a row where you bend over
only about 20 degrees, no more than 30
degrees, and pull the bar to your
waistband or not much higher, keep the
shoulders DOWN, arch the back, retract
the scapulae, thrust out your chest at the
top as if you were a Playboy bunny showing
off her rack, and hold the top position for
one second before doing the negative. Allow
90 seconds rest between the press and the
row. It’s quite brutal. If you are short
on time, you can put single leg calf raises
between the press and row, and allow only
30 seconds rest between sets in this case.
You will almost certainly like either of
these supersets, if you like GVT.