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GVT Schedule, Critique Appritiated!

I’ve been into bodybuilding since 2 years back, think I’ve gotten up to resonable strenght for my size and thought I’d take a go at start building serious mass. So I’m gonna take a go at GTV
Im almost 6feet weighing in at 177pounds. I can only train the three days I’m gonna type later so don’t comment about that:P and I can only train a maximum of 3 days. Anyways here my schedule:

Monday: Back&Bicep

Deadlift: 10x10
Chins: wide, medium. Pulls: Medium, close: (It’s grip width, 3 sets, max rep on each with, 10 sec rest between grips 3min rest between sets).
T-Bar Rows: 3x8
Inc Db bicepcurl: 2x8
Reversed Ez-bar curl: 2x12

Wednesday: Chest& Shoulders

Flat Bench: 10x10 60
Inc Bench: 2x8
Seated Db shoulderpress: 2x12
Front lateral cable raises: 2x8

Friday: Legs&Tricep

Leg press: 10x10
Leg curls: 3x8
Squats: 2x5
Weighted dips: 3x12 (2 twitches bottom of each rep)
Dumbell tricep extension: 2x10

Any commets at all would be greatly appritiated since I don’t want to do anything that could either hurt me or prevent progress in any way!