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GVT Rest Intervals & Nutrition


Hey guys, I have a couple of questions about GVT.
a. About the rest intervals, I got confused, am I suppose to rest between each superset? Or between each exercise of the superset? I mean, do I bench 10 reps, then do 10 chins and then rest 90-120 secs? Or do I bench 10 reps, rest 90-120 secs, do 10 chins and then rest 90-120 secs again? I'm really confused here, last time I did GVT I did it as supersets.

Also I might be doing the advanced version this time (since I started powerlifting), don't know if it makes any difference but if it does please let me know.

b. about nutrition. It is never said specifically anywhere how much above maintenance should I eat? I know I need to make some significant gains, so I'm guessing like 1000-1500 above maintenance? And how much protein should I take? Does the 1 gram per pound work here or should I take some more?
And also, about size gaining with Advanced GVT, is it significantly lower then in GVT?

Thanks in advance guys


Just one 10x10 is enough...



if you eat 1000-1500 calories above maintenance you will get fat


If you are doing straight sets, rest 120 seconds.
10 Pullups
Rest 120 seconds
10 Pullups
Rest 120 seconds
And so on...

If you are doing "supersets" (or more accurately: antagonistic pairing), rest 90 seconds.

10 Dips
Rest 90 seconds
10 Pullups
Rest 90 seconds
10 Dips
Rest 90 seconds
10 Pullups
Rest 90 seconds
And so on...

GVT doesn't have a specific eating plan associated it, it is just a training method.

1g protein / lb of bodyweight is a given.

BCAA's and Omega-3's were not popular yet when the Poliquin's GVT article was first published. If I were you I'd be taking both in volumes.

It depends how complicated you want to get. Protein Cycling, Massive Eating, Intermittent Fasting? There are so many options it gets confusing. Just get your 1g protein per lb bodyweight and consume enough calories from quality whole-food sources to keep up with the training but not so many that you're turning into a lard-ass.

-- ElbowStrike


Then how am I suppose to gain so much muscle if I don't eat a lot? I mean, eating 500 above maintenance gives you like 4lbs per month, and in GVT your'e suppose to gain like 6-7lbs per month, so shouldn't you be eating more then that?


So is there no version of actually doing supersets? I'm suppose to rest between the antagonist sets? So 10 reps at bench, rest 90 seconds, 10 reps of chins, rest 90 seconds and repeat? Are you sure there is no version of doing an actual superset?


"Supersets" used to mean antagonist pairing. The article is from the 1990's.


Yes. I have the original article by Poliquin in the July 1996 issue of Muscle Media and this was the core of my training in my teens and early 20's.

See an online copy of the original program

Scroll down to the beginner program, phase 1, chest & back. Read the note underneath:

"Notes: Rest 90 seconds between each 'A' exercise and each superset; rest 60 seconds between each 'B' exercise and each superset."

Look at the chart and you will notice that the "supersets" are what are now commonly called "antagonist pairs".

Hope this helps, and good luck.

-- ElbowStrike


In the advanced version article he says you can do supersets just rest longer.


Oh okay, good to know thanks! Did it last time without resting between the antagonists, oops :stuck_out_tongue: Still got decent resaults though, I'll try it this time with 90 seconds between each, thank you!