GVT Questions

I’m about to get started on CP’s Advanced German Volume Training. At present, I’m 5’7", about 175. Bodyfat on the scale is around 13%, don’t have pincers, so I’m not sure exactly what it is. I was going to post before pics, but I can’t get them off the damn cell phone so f-it.

Anyway, the main question is this:
How much difference does the 4 second lowering of weights make? My preference is just to go with a controlled lowering, which will probably a take a second or so. There was a lot of debate on the board there, and I’m inclined to agree with Waterbury that TUT isn’t all the important. But, if CP says to take 4 seconds. So has anyone tried both ways, or know someone that tried without the slow eccentric, and they used the slow version. I’m curious.

My bench max is around 300, squat around 425, and dead (with straps) is around 400. I think I can probably handle the slow eccentric on squat and deads, but doubt I could do 10x5x225 going so slowly. Do any of you all have any advice on how to proceed? I’m going to do it with the slow eccentric tomorrow when I start if no one posts before I go the gym tomorrow, but if all else is equal, I’d rather not make use of it. It seems the higher load will be make up for the loss of TUT on the concentric portion of the lift.

I’m starting AGVT on Wed. and plan on going w/ a controlled, (but not counting) negative. I can’t say I’ve tried this program both ways, but will be putting all my concentration into moving as much weight as possible. The negatvie will prolly take about 1.5 to 2 seconds, but again, I am NOT counting.

GL w/ the program. I’ll be there w/ you.


I would think that you sj=hould follow the parameters of the program. If it calls for 10x5 @225 at a certain tempo the do it at that to reep the benefits it is supposed to have. In short drop the load if needed.

Or change the temp but that will make it NOT AGVT just remeber that.

Hope that helps,

I did another of Poliquin’s workouts, just a simple bodybuilding one. This workout emphasized the slow negative (generally 3-4 secs). I found it made a huge difference. I was WAY tired than I thought I would be by the end. If you find you can’t do the weight, then drop it a little, I had to. It also is great grip training. The first couple weeks it was my forearms that were more tired then the rest of my body.

(I suppose I should practice what I preach though… I am doing AGVT too and only doing controlled negatives :/)

Good luck man, and I’ll feel your pain.

Believe it or not I have (or am) doing it both ways. I went through the first session doing it with the 4 sec. lower and am currently halfway through a second time, doing it with a controlled but not counted lower. I do not find a big difference in effort or ability. Here is a little bit about what I have learned:

  1. No matter what your max is or percentage you use, 10X5 the first time is going to test your mental toughness. It does get easier though.

  2. I like to superset my atagonists, and do my weakest lift first. In other words, for chest/back I might do Barbell Rows and then Bench. I use the same weight and grip for both. I do Rows first because my back is weak in comparison to my chest. I take 2 minutes between sets. If you want to try 90 (which I plan the next time I go through) be prepared to lighten the load.

  3. Don’t be afraid to skip the ancillaries. On more than one occasion I have been too fatigued to get 3X6-8 (or even 1 set!) of anything following the workout. It’s okay, you’ve done a lot of work.

In closing, the first time I did this routine I used no supplements at all other than protein and food. I gained 6 lbs and my bench went from 275 to 295. This time around I’m halfway through and I’m up 6-7 lbs, but I’m also cycling between superdrol and Alpha Male. Good luck!