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GVT Question

I’m about to start the original German Volume Training program (not gvt2000-done previously with decent results). Can someone please exlain what the reasoning is for using semi-supinated decline dumbell press as the primary chest exercise? I’m guessing that it recruits more muscle fibers than a dumbell incline or flat benchpress (which I would prefer doing as the major 10x10 exercise), but I am not sure. Any advice would be appreciated.

Your right, in the decline position EMG studies show that more Pec major fibers are recruited than using: decline w/bar, flat with DB or bar or any incline movement. The semisupinated grip is advised as it allows a greater ROM.

Another reason is that most people never do semi-supinated decline dumbell presses. Everyone does the same exercises all the time. Especially when it comes to the chest. So by doing this new movement, you will shock your body into new growth! You can subsitute flat bench or incline dumbell presses instead if you want but why not try something new?

And besides, the declines will help you grow a nice pair of titties. There’s nothing nicer than an overdeveloped lower chest on a man. Work really hard and you may just pass the “pencil test”. Picture your chest supporting a pencil freehanded on it’s underside. A wonderful trick to impress your friends and scare young children.