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I was thinking to start with a new mass/strenght routine. And my choice is the German Volume Training. But i can’t decide between the Custome Volume Training from Mike Mahler, Optimized Volume Training from Christian Thibaudeau or the Advanced Volume Training from Charles Poliquin.

All of these routines should help to build mass or muscles while also increase strenght. So i wanted to ask you guys for your expirience with these routines.


Are you just aiming for mass and nothing more?

i think a lot of senior lifters will agree with me on this: get some mass then go for strength. if you go for both at the same time, it will make the whole process tiring and very very long.

oh, btw, in case your really interested in both, try out Matt Reynold’s Dual Factor Hypertrophy Training (DFHT)

I was aiming for mass. But Christian wrote that you will also get strenght with his programm but i am a bit sceptic. Thats why i wanted to see what you ppl think.