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GVT Olympic Lift Style?

I am just about to do 8 week oly lift gvt style. Just wondering if any 1 has done, this sort of training with oly lift? How did you get on with it and what gains did you get from it, strength, size, endurance ect?

whats gvt?

German Volume Training

Wouldn’t that be Crossfit? :wink:

I think high rep Oly lifts is a bad idea. Form breaks down very quickly.

Your form is going to go to complete sh!t if you use enough weight, if not it’s far too light…it’s just the endurance of it all…I have good technique and mine will go out of the window due to how fatigue it is mate.


Too lazy to look it up but I know Coach Pendlay and Dr. Micheal Hartman have a protocol for lifters to do snatch and clean and jerk ‘OTM’ (on the minute). I believe if you look up Doc Hartman’s blog he is actually doing this now that he is back into lifting. This would be singles. So you get the volume effect and the ability to concentrate on setup and execution of singles, which, after all, is how the sport is contested.

As well, Charles Staley, of EDT (Escalating Density Training), had an article on using EDT for the classic lifts.

In both cases I believe they were most likely using 80-85%.

Not GVT (isnt’ that 10x10), but different approaches that can be utilized at different points down the road to bigger lifts I suspect. OTM may be a better approach to increase volume and workload. I agree that high reps on the technical lifts can be counter productive.

yay crossfit. 30 snatches for time. lolz


That video reminds me of a 60 year old lifter at our club - he celebrated his 60th b-day by doing 60 clean and jerks w/60kg! Though I believe he knows how to count. Didn’t the c’fitter only do 14 when he said 15?

I guess Jon North did this once (maybe to humor the crowd):

how to make me feel special about my max :frowning:

I guess those are good for burning fat.

they look really good for fucking up your back, too.