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looking for a bit of help on this
thinking of the following
kinda a mix of advanced and normal one, two different routines for each

legs day1
front squat 10x10
leg curl 10x10
dumbell lungers 8x3
romainian deads 8x3

back and chest day1
incline dbell press 10x10
medium grip chins 10x10
floor flys 10x3
bent over rows 10x3

arms day 1
incline hammer curls 10x10
parralel dips 10x10

legs day 2
back squats 10x10
leg curls 10x10
swiss ball crunch 12x3
calf raises 12x3

chest and back day 2
bench press 10x10
close grip chins 10x10
dbell incline 10x3
1 arm dbell row 10x3

arms day 2
seated zottmans 10x10
decline closegrip bench 10x10

any help apppreciated


Waaaaayy too much volume. I mean like WHEY!

if you read the program (correctly) you would have noticed that the main movements are 10x10 and the accessory are 3x10 I believe. Anyways, keep the accessory work to no more than 2 exercises and no more than 3 sets per exercise.


Oh and I hope each muscle group isn't hit twice a week. That would be over kill. If you plan on doing GVT then give your muscles a week to recuperate. Some overlap is acceptable.


You'll crash and burn following this.

What is your reasoning for doing GVT?

What kind of training were you doing right before this?


I wouldn't do this, nor recommend you do it. Refer to the bodybuilding bible and follow those guidelines. You're be much better off.


I actually did GVT for about 6 weeks as a change and to shock my system. I did a M-W-F split, after about week 5 I was spent and need to get back to training differently. It worked though, my endurance was and stamina went way up.


Did it back in august, helped my legs a little bit, and not much else. Probably because it forced me to work my legs more intensely than I was used to.


i dunno, i seem to react well to volume training, did the gbc 6-12-25 and didnt respond well to that at all!


So, you're going from one high volume program, right into another?

Have you ever read "The Perfect Rep" by CT?

While it's impossible to know "what you need", I would guess that a period of lower rep training would do you some good....build some explosiveness, learn to dominate heavy weights (great for confidence), and do something you're body isn't used to.

You don't have to eliminate higher rep sets all together, just do the bulk of your sets utilizing heavier weight and lower reps.

Also, learn about autoregulating your training....there's ton of info on the CT HTH forums. Following a training program on paper is a lot different than knowing how to train.

I still do quite a bit of volume per workout (sometimes 25 sets per body part, but most of those sets are only about 3 reps, while going up to sets of 5, and a few max rep sets with slightly lighter weights). It's still a lot of volume, just a ton more poundage lifted overall.

How old are?

I'd also suggest looking into the I, Bodybuilder program....it covers all the basics of the things mentioned above. You could follow that for a while, then go back to a higher volume program for a few weeks, if you enjoy higher rep, higher volume training....that would be a nice combination.


18, cheers for the advice