GVT good for beginner?

I’m 6’3" 255lbs and 18yrs old. I’m just now getting out of my sedentary lifestyle and began working out two weeks ago. My main goal is weight loss right now. Would GVT + mucho protein be helpful for me? If not, any directions/links you could point me in. Thanks. peace.

Read the following article, and all the links contained therein:

GVT is a great workout. However, I would get a solid six months of training under your belt before engaging in that. Try the tried and tested 5x5 prgram for a month to get back in the game. Stick with compound exercises such as: Deadlifts, Squats, Barbell Rows, Chin Ups, Weighted Dips, Bench Presses, Overhead lifts.

I’m shorter than you (5’10"), but I basically did what you are thinking of doing, and it really got me nowhere fast. 5x5 has been a much kinder program to me while attempting fat loss than other, higher volume programs. Of course, I think I probably just respond better to higher weight and lower volume. Unless you’re on a deadline, you can always just try it for three weeks, see how it works for you, and change if necessary.

I’d go with a more basic training program, sticking with bigger compound exercises. bench, squats, deads, etc.
If your goal is weight loss, nutrition is a BIG part of it so get your diet in order. Something like the t-dawg diet should work good for you. Read the aforementioned article, and if your looking for some more ‘basic’ info, try my website where i put links up for many of the best t-mag articles.