GVT for 1st cycle

Here is the 7-day split i will use while on my first 4 weeks of my 8 week cycle. Muscles are listed in the order they will be performed.

Monday: Chest and Anterior/Medial Deltoids, Tuesday: Back, Forearms, Calves, Wednesday: Off, Thursday: Off, Friday: Biceps, Triceps, Forearms, Saturday: Quads/Hamstrings, Calves, Sunday: Off

I'm only working each muscle (with the exception of forearms and calves) once per week. This means I can trash the muscle and have 7 days of recovery. Here is how I plan to do my training for the first 4 weeks:

TC's GVT2000 for Chest, 4 sets of Posterior/Medial Delt work, undecided on back (want to do barbell rows), 2 supersets of forearms, 3 supersets of calves, Poliquin's isometronic extreme bicep routine, undecided on triceps, 2 tri-sets of forearms, for legs i plan to use cyclist squats, 1-1/2 squats, bent-knee deadlifts, stiff-leg deadlifts mornings, and leg extensions/curls for pre-exhaustion or as a finisher, and finish with some calves.

Basically, I just want to know if anyone has tried TC's altered GVT program and had good success. Do you think it will work that much better since its my first cycle. It's great because I'm coming off minimal chest, back, and triceps training. Any suggestions for what I should to for my back and triceps??? i appreciate any help that you guys give.