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GVT Critique


I'm finishing the Velocity Diet in a couple weeks and was thinking about my next program. My training history for the last several programs has been either total body or at least a major part split (ABBH, Stripped down hypertrophy, 5x5 squat based, etc) and while these programs fit pretty well for my athletic goals (I like to play sports recreationally and being able to dunk with 2 hands at 6 feet is cool too) it hasn't really made me as large as I'd like to be.

For growth I generally respond to higher volume so I thought a 6 day GVT split would both be something quite different from my recent training history and be something that would stimulate some pretty serious growth. Anyway, I'm mostly looking for suggestions on exercise selection or tips on how to improve my program.

Sunday -- Quads
Split Squats 10x10
Leg Extensions 4 x 12
Standing Calf Press 5x5
Medicine Ball crunch 2 x 30 (add weight as needed)

Monday -- Chest (hill sprints or car pushes in pm at least 10 hours later)
Bench 10x10
DB Incline 3x8
Pec Deck 2x12
Depth pushup circuit (3 or 4 different push up variations including depth drop and other platform based pushups)

Tuesday -- Ham
Deadlift 10x10
Ham Curl 4x12
Seated Calf press 4x12
Plank 2 x max time

Wednesday -- Shoulders (hill sprints or car pushes in pm at least 10 hours later)
DB shoulder press 5 x 10
1 arm shoulder press 5 x 10
DB lateral raises 3 x 8
Post delt fly 2 x 12

Thursday -- Back
Cable Rows 10x10
Wide Grip pull-ups 3x8
DB shrugs (3 step drop sets) x 2
Inverted rows 2 x max (add weight as needed)

Friday -- Bi/Tri
A1 EZ curls 5x10
A2 DB alt curls 5x10
B1 decline tricep ext 5x10
B2 cable press down 5x10
C1 Spider curls 3x12
C2 Tricep Kick backs 3x12

Saturday -- off/cardio