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GVT Clarifications

I have tried to find on this sight as much about GVT as I can but it hasn’t been enough(maybe i’m not looking in the right spot). To my understanding it’s 10x10 with one exercise, one weight, and 60 seconds of rest. I assume you can only work one major body part a week plus some secondary work. So correct me if i’m wrong but a weekly split could look like

Horizontal Press 10x10
Horizontal Pull 10x10
Secondary work for both

Quads Dominate 10x10
Hams Dominate 10x10
Secondary work for both

Vertical Press 10x10
Vertical Pull 10x10
Secondary work for both

So assuming this is all correct. What are the best exercises for GVT? Do free weights or hammer machines work better? What have you used? Squat? I really don’t know and I want to try it soon.

Also I heard you shouldn’t do this for more than a month at a time. Does anyone else feel this way?


-his modified version. basically 10x5 with a bit more rest