GVT & Cals for Lean Growth

So right now Im running Polquins German volume training 10x10 program 3 days per week.
Trying to put on some muscle while stripping some fat heres what Im doing chime in if you think I can tweak it better. Goal is muscle/strength and loss of fat

Diet 175lbs x 15 so 2625 cals - 600 for 1lb loss per week I eat 2025 cals per day
Pro 50% Fat 35-40% the rest carbs mostly pre workout (goal is 1.3g per lb of protien daily)

Program 45min ss cardio every morning M-SA on empty stomach
30min HIIT T-TH-SA
Sunday off

Supps protien shakes & creatine

My experience when running a 10x10 in my main lifts; great pump and volume. Definate increase in size and hypertrophy, stagnant on strength. Just my results.

I was running it for 6mo back in '09 when I was doing a stint in Iraq. 6 days on 1 off.
IMHO, I would shift the bulk of your carb load post-workout to maximize on your pump and glycogen uptake.
You’ll feel drained after it. You’ll love the carb rush after draining yourself out.

Also, IMHO I would wait on the calorie deficit till later. See how your first two months go. Between your cardio and your HIIT, you probably gonna want every calorie you can afford.

Just my inexperienced .02

Honest question. Do you think you can give 10x10 squats your all after doing 45 minutes of steadystate everyday, 30 minutes of HIIT on your “off” days, and all while only consuming 2000 calories???

More calories or less work.

IF you are going to exercise that much, do not do it on 2000 kcal per day. Keep it around 2500-3000, and eat more of your carbs pre, peri, and post-workout. You should still lose some fat at that rate.

I like your plan and think it’s a good starting point.

You might be cutting just slightly too many calories, but I don’t think it will kill you…it will probably just give you some nice rapid fat loss in the early phase.

I would proceed as planned and don’t change anything for about 3 weeks. Good luck!

Thanks for the input bros…to be honest I havent had any problems with energy workouts are fine. Im only 175lb so cals around 2k is not making me famished. I eat 5-6 times per day so maybe thats why. Im liking the gvt looking bigger in mirror…seem to drop about 1lb per weekm. Bf has only dropped 1% in 4 weeks though