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GVT and Shoulders


I'm gonna do a quick 4 week GVT run to shake things up after a few months of lifting mostly in the 5-8 rep range. Only thing is, I'm really trying to bring up my shoulders. I'm trying to follow the program as closely as possible, but the only work delts get is 3x10 lateral raises and 3x10 rear delt raises at the end of arm day.

Here's the full program I was looking to do:

Day 1: Chest/back
A1. flat bench 10x10
A2. Bent BB row 10x10
B1. DB flye 3x10
B2. 1 arm DB row 3x10

Day 2: legs
A1. Back squat 10x10
A2. Leg curl 10x10
B1. Seated calf raise 3x10**
B2. Weighted sit ups 3x10

**my calves respond well to higher volume traditionally, is it too much to bump this to 5-7x10?

Day 3: off

Day 4: Arms & shoulders
A1. Dips 10x10
A2. BB curl 10x10
B1. Lateral raise 3x10
B2. rear delt raise 3x10

Not sure what to do here. I'd like to drop the targeted delt sets and do 10x10 with something like DB/BB military presses, but I'm afraid the pressing volume might be too high with the triceps exercise there.

Day 5: off

Day 6: repeat

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


I would drop the dips down to 3x10 and include a pressing exercise 10x10. You could still do the lateral raise IMO.

Your triceps will get a good bit of growth from the benching anyway.


I was actually thinking of trying 10x10 for shoulders myself in the near future. Let us know how it goes.


I'm a pretty chest dominated bencher, I naturally use a fairly wide grip.

I might just switch the presses for the dips, as two indirect 10x10 pressing movements will probably be plenty for tris. I'll just have to make them 3 really good sets... maybe set it up like:

A1. BB MP 10x10
A2. BB curl 10x10
B1. Dips 3x10
B2. Rear delt raises 3x10


I would advocate balancing the weights used in squats with stiff deads instead of leg curls. If you squat a lot, there is no way the hams will keep up to the gains you may make in quads.
I would advocate a different plane of motion for supporting exercises, swap pulldowns for db rows and if you are doing flat benches 10x10, use incline flyes instead of flat flyes, that kind of thing.


I normally dead more often than I squat. I tend to like pulling exercises more than push exercises for whatever reason. I just felt like lower back might take a beating with BS and SLDLs supersetted or even back to back. I considered front squats and stiff deads, but I've had a nagging left wrist pain which is keeping me from doing front squats lately.

Good call on the planes of motion stuff though, I'll switch it out to wide grip pullups 3x10 and incline flyes 3x10

thanks for the suggestions so far guys