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GVT and Russian Bear


I wanted to try a high volume routine. I never tried any of these two routines so I’m looking for some feedback from others that already done these routines.

And I also have some questions. For German Volume Training Charles Poliquin recommends a tempo of 4020. Is this really necessary? One set would last a minute and that ten times seems impossible. And CW always recommends max speed/controlled speed to be the best. So I was wondering if the program would work with controlled speed. Something like 20x0 or 10x0.

Mike Mahler recommends the Russian Bear program and said to do sets of an exercise until 5 reps arn’t possible any more. But on this forum someone stated that Pavel recommends doing sets until 1 rep isn’t possible. Now which one is true? And did someone try both options?

All tempos work. There is no BEST tempo. Certain tempos are good for certain times and situations. Since CP prescribed that tempo, I suggest you do it. There’s a reason why Coaches design programs a certain way.

As for which program, well…it’s impossible to do them both at the same time right? Well, just try one out for a while (and I mean like 8 weeks minimum, though more would be better)so you can give each program a good chance to work. Note your changes (performance and physique), then go on the next program.

This is how bodybuilders have done things from the very beginning.


There are much easier and faster methods to get big.

I liked CP’s GVT because it really taught me how to properly squat in a very short amount of time. When you’re doing 100 reps a workout it doesn’t take long to figure things out.

^^^See, there can be unexpected benefits to programs, even if they don’t work amazingly at the intended purpose.

I have three years of experience so i know that i need to be on a program for a longer period to see how it works. And also I am writing everything in my training log for about as long as I have been training.

I was cutting until now and have 99kg at 198cm height so I wanted to try a high volume training to gain a few kg so I can start a new strength program.

I’m a student and my training time is limited so i was tending towards the Russian Bear program and wanted to know how exactly it needs to be done ( until 5 reps or until 1 rep ). My second pick was GVT because it seems to last only about 40 min per session unless I use the prescribed extra slow eccentrics.

The reason of this post was to get some feedback from people that have tried both or at least one of the programs. And I really doubt that anyone on GVT used the prescribed 4020 tempo so I wanted to be assured that I’m not making a mistake by training with a faster tempo.

[quote]el_minjo wrote:
My second pick was GVT because it seems to last only about 40 min per session unless I use the prescribed extra slow eccentrics.


I never had a workout last less than an hour and most were 90 minutes while doing GVT 10x10. My legs would get so cramped up that it looked like I had monkey fists in each leg. I probably would of added even more leg mass if I had been eating a ton of food. I think I was on a double dose of Surge and it helped quite a bit…especially with the energy to complete the workouts.

I’m strongly considering doing a 10x10 of flat BB bench just because I suck at it…maybe it will help me hammer down form like it did for Squats.