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So I forget which article it was, but there was talk about this “Mechano Growth Factor” and its being ridiculously more powerful than IGF-1 or GH and that it’s a paracrine hormone in muscle tissue released in response to stress (ie; strength training). It’s also only released for about 24 hours after strength training.

So I’m just thinking that if GVT is roughly 10 sets / week, would it be optimal for MGF release to split that up into 2 sets / day for five days / week at an equal intensity?

Bench Press, Chest-Supported Row, Squat, SL Deads, Bicep Curls, Tricep Extensions, 2 x 10 w. 12RM or 2 x 5 w. 6RM, monday through friday.

You’d theoretically get daily paracrine MGF and central GH responses to the total-body, multi-joint strength training as well as benefit from the increased metabolism during the rest of the day to replace muscle glycogen stores (this means more fat burning to run your RMR while this is happening).

Or am I wrong?

Pros? Cons? Why’s it retarded? Why’s it brilliant?


The article is Chad Waterbury’s “How Your Muscles Grow”, inside that he talk about the MGF thing, and the last idea is trying to stimulate MGF every 12 hours…but he didn’t make any conclusion. i think he’s working on this high-frequency training, should come up with something great soon!!