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GVT and Decline Bench

I was looking at doing german volume training over the summer, and had a couple questions about it. First off, the split recommended is:

Day 1 Chest & Back
Day 2 Legs & Abs
Day 3 Off
Day 4 Arms & Shoulders
Day 5 Off

Now, the a sample program shows this for day 1:
A-1 Decline Dumbbell Presses, Semi-Supinated Grip
A-2 Chin-Ups
B-1 Incline Dumbbell Flyes
B-2 One-Arm Dumbbell Rows

Now, here’s my question. First off, I’ve always heard that decline doesn’t necessarily need to be done and gives your pecs a look you won’t desire. Is there a reason for doing decline db press then? Also, would it be okay to:

A-1 Bench
A-2 Chins
B-1 Incline DB press
B-2 One-Arm DB Rows

Declines won’t do anything different than flat bench as far as the muscle contraction goes; however, it does take your shoulders out of the equation quite a bit. So if this undesireable look is having big pecs, maybe you should lay off.

If you don’t desire bigger pecs, definitely steer away from chest movements!

All movements have their place. There’s nothing wrong with decline presses, as long as they’re not done to the exclusion of other things.