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GVT and Athletic Training



I've always been a fan of your articles because they are geared towards the power-athlete as opposed to either a strict bodybuilder or powerlifter. You demonstrate repeatedly that training for athleticism yields great gains in physique.

I recently read an article/ training program that you wrote about off-season football training. In the program you recommended pairing a big movement (bench) with an explosive movement (plyo-pushup) back-to-back. I am a big fan of this type of training and I need explosive movements programmed into my routine because I play rugby at a competitive level.

I have always been a fan of high volume training and am wondering how you feel about plugging this rep scheme into a German Volume Training template. But instead of doing 10x10 on the big lifts you would do 10x5/5.

It seems to allow for the type of volume I'm looking for but with an olympic/ plyometric component added in.

For the first exercise I plan to focus on moving decent weight. For the second exercise in the pairing I intend to focus on bar speed, form and explosiveness.

Thoughts greatly appreciated.

Day 1)
Bench Press/ Plyo-Pushup: 10x5/5
Row: 10x10

Day 2)
Deadlift/ Hang Power Clean: 10x5/5
Abs: 10x

Day 3)
Strict Military Press/ High-Pull: 10x5/5
Pullups: 10x

Day 4:
Squat/ Jump Squat: 10x5/5
Abs: 10x