GVT 2000

I am just starting to do GVT 2000 and was wondering on hamstring day when I do stiff-legged deadlifts and stiff-legged deadlifts off a box do I round out my lower back on either of them? If I don’t what makes doing the deadlifts off a box versus just doing them normally? Any answers would be very helpful.

I never quiet understood using a box for SLDL’s. I personally get
my extra range by just using smaller plates; you would be surprised
how many 25’s one can fit on an olympic bar! First of all, rounding the
back on any form of DL is tempting fate! Now when doing SLDL’s for
greatest function of the hamstrings is as a HIP EXTENDER! When the
back rounds, the hips stop extending and the hammies are taken out
of the movement; it then becomes a lower back movement!
Now go and blast those F@#&!^g HAMMS ! Joey Z. ::::----::::


I agree 10000000%. I tempted fate…fate kicked my ass…leason leard don’t fuck with fate…or don’t round your back. :slight_smile:


I think we’re posting an article today by Ian King that discusses rounded back lifting. (Hint: Ian likes it.)

It’s interesting that you asked this question. That was the one part of the routine that I couldn’t figure out myself. I ended up doing Goodmornings as a replacement for the box deadlifts. I’m looking forward to Ian’s article.

I’m currently finishing up Ian’s Bring the Pain program. In stage 2 Ian calls for chest-up back position. In stage 3 he has you round over in the spine. Ian says chest-up variation is more isolated and a rounded back is more integrated. He likes to use all variations. I liked doing both ways. If the weights hit the floor when doing rounded back style, stand on something.