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GVT 2000

Hey All,

I just started GVT 2000. I just completed the quad workout. Pretty nauseating. I would like to drop a few pounds of fat during the next few weeks. What do you guys think about adding two days of 15 sessions of slow-fast jumproping?

Correction-that would be 15 “minute” sessions, two days per week.

Do you have good recovery abilities, because if you’re using GVT2K on a cutting phase you’re going to need it, especially if you add in cardio work. German Body Comp, Meltdown or EDT (fat loss version) would be more suitable for most, but I realize that’s not what you asked. The EDT is my personal fave…it’s actually quite similar (after the sets of singles) to Poliquin’s intermediate version of GVT.

Actually, I just came off of a two week hiatus from the gym: active rest. I had been overtraining, and had sore joints and crappy pumps, so I gave myself a much-needed rest. So, this might not be the program to try after all, eh? I don’t plan on cutting my cals more than 10%, though.

Personally, if fat loss is your primary objective, I would ditch your current program and save it for a hypertrophy phase as that is what it is intended for (or check out Christian Thibadeaux’s updated version (OVT…on the Ice Dog forum). I have been on Staley’s fat loss EDT for almost a month now and I really like it. You might want to look into that…or depending on your bodyfat level, Meltdown I or Poliquin’s German Body Comp would cut you up pretty fast…the downside being you’ll likely lose strength.

What about your diet?

1700 - 1800 cals/day
40/40/20 (c/p/f)
Currently I am 165 pounds, 13% bodyfat, 67 inches. I actually do not feel hungry at all with this amount of calories. I am eating CLEAN. Absolutely no junk: oatmeal, lentils, brown rice, red potatoes, flax seed and oil, salmon, chix breast, buffalo, egg whites, tuna, apples, strawberries, spinach, broccolli, gr beans, asparagus, peppers. Occasionally I indulge in a whole wheat-oat bran soy cheese pizza. I have 2 MRPs per day and 1 Next Nutrition DETOUR bar (they are the bomb-the rest of their products suck). Pre-workout I have 1 scoop of powerdrive, post-wordout I have surge (30 g of carbs worth)with creatine. Half hour later I have an mrp. No carbs except veggies 4-5 hours before bed. I have acid reflux disease, so ketosis diets would kill my stomach. I do not use ephedrine. Done that way too much. Makes me feel like crap, physically and mentally. Makes me do wierd stuff too. I use a non-ephedra supplement that has some beta-3 androgonists. Much easier on the central nervous system.

Your cals are a bit too low for even a cutting phase, much less GVT. I’m about the same bodyweight as you and I have a very slow metabolism, and I never go less than 2000 on cutting cycles, and am usually around 2100-2300. I would either bump up the cals a bit, or keep where you’re at and do a higher calorie day every 3-4 days…say 15x bodyweight.