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GVT/10x10 Training & Recovery

I’m in the middle of a 10x10 cycle using a 5 day split, using a good deal of slow eccentric tempo work. I’m seeing growth and plan to keep things in my pants, so to speak, by only going four rotations before moving to a more strength focused cycle. Thing is, I’m in my 40s and I am having the shit kicked out of me–like doms for a couple days a pop–in a way I haven’t in the three years I’ve been lifting. I’m not injured and eventually recover, and I only have two more full rotations, but I’d also like to feel I’ve not been mugged. In my past days as a somewhat decent runner, I used to take ice baths, nap a ton, and eat a good mix of complex carbs and lean protein. I’m happy to go back to that, but any other recs would be appreciated.


Im 52 and love the stuff.

Thanks for that info. Can I ask–is it reasonably priced for how much one takes (cost is a concern but ultimately, can work with things in reason)? I’ve not done the supplement route before, but obviously, might need to.

I’m not familiar with gvt 10x10 but I feel that amount of volume would give most people doms for days!

4 second Eccentric for 100 reps sounds disgusting! Lol doms are definitely to be expected. Eccentrics are where the micro trauma happens in your muscles. Doms are believed to be your muscles repairing these micro traumas.

I hope you are already doing this?

There are a myriad of ways to relieve doms. Not all of them may work.

Increase water intake
Massage/foam rolling
Stretching (after workout/before bed)
Active recovery (walking/jogging/bike etc)
Increase protein
Increase calories
Hot and cold alternating shower
Warming up properly before routine
Many different supplements
Increase frequency of movement (I wouldn’t recommend this due to you already following a plan. However if you find a particular exercise gives you massive doms you may want to do it up to 3-4 times a week to get your body adjusted to it. I have done this very successfully with squats).

I’m sure there are many more. The take away point is that this type of training will give you doms. If you don’t like it, try lower rep strength training. Or knitting…

I once ran with GVT.

The DOMS are probably the most memorable thing about the program. I also did get a little swoll as well. :slight_smile:


Outside of the ice baths, these should be staples of your lifestyle year round, but especially so when doing a high volume program such as this. Even more so as you age. Now, Plazma is great (I have to say that on this site), but there are certainly other products that can help you with recovery that are cheaper alternatives. They may not be equal to Plazma in content, but sufficient in effect.

Are you consuming intraworkout carbs? You don’t need expensive complex carbs, just 40-60g of dextrose with some BCAAS would have a noticeable impact on recovery. Heck, if the BCAAs are too expensive, even just the dextrose or another source of simple carbs intraworkout would have some positive impact. It wouldn’t be ideal, but it would help. If you’re skimping your carb intake post workout then you should make it a point to increase that as well.

Your first priority really should be optimizing periworkout nutrition as best you can. If you have the time to add in the naps/extra sleep, that of course is always welcomed.

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This is all terrific advice. I’m definitely doing some of this already, but some of it can really help, particularly getting the supplements and frequency of movement. My wife is a vegetarian for ethical reasons, so it can be tricky around dinner and such, but I’ll definitely hit more protein intake, even though I’m eating a good deal during breakfast, post-workout, and lunch.

Hi lil–I’m definitely doing the naps and complex carbs year round (my wording in the initial post is not great, so my bad there). The intraworkout carbs is great advice. My background is distance running before a freak accident, so there’s some general things that carry over between the two activities, but the more specific nutrition demands are still a learning game for me. Thanks so much for a thoughtful reply.

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I hate stretching but used to force myself to do it between sets on GVT. So on leg day I’d do upper body and vice versa on upper body day. You should have some level of DOMS after every workout on GVT (although I admit I never quite managed that with the arms days). I also was doing around 40g BCAA but I’m sure intra carbs would work as well, as already suggested. The program is neurally draining but it is meant to be, with super compensation coming afterwards.

Mag 10 or Plazma intra/post workout. Bcaas and hydrolysed whey or Surge if on a budget.

Get a quality fish oil like Flameout or krill oil and have as many tabs as can afford with breakfast the morning after.

ZMA can be helpful for neural recovery

Load up on good fats with pre workout meal.

This guy trains with crazy volume and has lots of good tips…

Hey guys–Just want to give a quick update and say I followed a good deal of the nutrition and stretching advice and it has helped TREMENDOUSLY with recovery. Thank you so much. I still want to die when I’m doing the squats, but now it feels like I don’t have to crawl the next day. I have one more round of this, and on to a 1/6 cycle, which I’m looking forward to.