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GVT 10x10 Split

Hi I am looking to start a gvt cycle and was looking for some guidance in a good split that I can do to add some size and strength. So a good 10x10 program is what I need. Thanks for any help in advance

Start by using it on just one or two movements & then see how you go…trying to use it on everything may be possible, but quite likely a bit much to begin with.

For example today I did squats 10x10 and pull ups 10x10 and my next session I was planning on deadlifts and bench press etc. So each session would be a lower/upper split. What are your thoughts


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The basic GVT, straight from Charles Poliquin who popularized it, is explained here. The plan Badger posted is another variation with some more accessory work.

The key with either is to focus on pushing yourself hard the 10x10 sets and eating plenty.