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GVkid's Training Log


I'm just starting a new program that I came up with (with the help of Bill Roberts) centered around heavy compound movements. My overall goal is size and strength. I have several imbalances I'm working on fixing right now slightly internally rotated humerus so I'm laying off the bench/chest work for now and replacing bench with external rotations, and reverse pushups in addition to the back work in my routine. Then in 2-3 weeks I'll put it back in and start off light, working on my form (my elbows were flared out too much putting too much stress on my shoulders).

Initial measurements:
Height: 5'6"
Neck: 16"
Chest: 38"
arms: 13.5"
Forearms: 11.25"
Waist: 33" (at navel)
Thighs: 21.5"
Calves: 14.75"
Weight: 145lbs

And now the program:
It's a four day rotation using a wave loading set/rep scheme on the majority of the exercises -
Day 1:
Dead lifts with a double overhand grip -
(4 x a) (3 x a+10lbs) (2 x a+20lbs)
(4 x a+10lbs) (3 x a+20lbs) (2 x a+30lbs)
Bent over rows -
(4 x a) (3 x a+10lbs) (2 x a+20lbs)
(4 x a+10lbs) (3 x a+20lbs) (2 x a+30lbs)
Towel Chin ups -
(3 x failure) I'll be adding weight as soon as I reach 3x10
Lunges -
(6 x a) (6 x a+10lbs) (6 x a+20lbs)
Reverse Push ups (until imbalance is fixed) -
(3 x 10)

Day 2: Core work with some cardio
Corner bar rotations
Russian Twists
Ab wheel (I love those little things)
Hanging leg raises
Dragon Flags
All of those will be a 3x10
Then one of:
jump rope 6 minutes working towards 15 minutes without a break
Sprints (I forgot how long one lap is on our track - 9 laps equal a mile so I'll sprint a lap, walk a lap, sprint a lap etc etc until I have sprinted for a mile total)

Day 3:
Hang clean to push press -
(4 x a) (3 x a+10lbs) (2 x a+20lbs)
(4 x a+10lbs) (3 x a+20lbs) (2 x a+30lbs)
Front Squats -
(4 x a) (3 x a+10lbs) (2 x a+20lbs)
(4 x a+10lbs) (3 x a+20lbs) (2 x a+30lbs)
External Rotations (until I fix the imbalance) (3x8)
Lateral Raises (6 x a) (6 x a+5) (6x a+10) (6 x a+15)

Day 4: Off

I have a faster Metabolism so I need to be eating roughly 3100 calories on my off day and about 3600 on my workout days. So I'll be eating as much clean food as I can sticking with more carbs early in the morning and right after lifting (along with a protein shake) and slower digesting carbs with more protein at night. With my current eating habits, I get about 80 grams of protein a day so I'll be upping that until I can reach 2 per lb of bodyweight using Grow! and more meats.

Supplements: Flameout, Metabolic Drive Complete, ZMA, BCAA, L-Leucine(trying it out), zymitol (systemic enzyme), glucosamine/chondroitin, and One a Day all day energy and I'm ordering Grow! as I write this.

Recovery Time (Can't Stay Away)

looks good, whats with the enzymes? for digestion? your young so take it easy on glucosamine and chondroitin blend, dont really need it that much if tight on money at all. good calories, seems like you have a pretty good cycle set up, keep us updated on your progress and any guestions.

P.S. if your trying to gain weight and dont care about sportrs performance ditch the cardio, it will help gain more faster, and since you already controlling your carb intake you dont have to worry about getting belly fat which im sure is a concern


First day: I’ll still be dialing in my weights for this first week or so but here it is so far:

Deadlift: (4x195lbs) (3x205lbs) (2x215lbs) (4x225lbs) (3x235lbs) (2x245lbs)
Seated Rows (for this week only): (4x90lbs) (3x110lbs) (2x130lbs) (4x110lbs) (3x130lbs) (2x150lbs)
Towel Chin ups: 6, 7, 4
Lunges: (6x65lbs) (6x85lbs) (6x95lbs)
Reverse Push up: 10, 10, 10


I’m in school for Criminal Justice so overall performance is going to be a major concern in the next year or two when I hit the academy I figured a head start would be nice.
Enzymes are inflammation regulation/bone support/a little bit digestion.

I take them regularly now because 2 years ago I hit my knee with a 3 1/2 lb sledge hammer really hard - couldn’t do much of anything for a few weeks until I started taking those my knee is completely fine now and I’ll never go a day without em.

My job is pretty demanding in the summer (landscape construction) so I take the chondroitin to help protect my joints.


oh ok. got it. how much powerlifting have you done, before i started powerlifting i went throught 3 weeks of 15-18 rep range, then 3 weeks 10-12, then 4 weeks 5-8. and only after i built up to a 415 deadlift for 4 reps. so make sure you cardio respiratory and cardio vascularly prepared.


Not since my freshmen/part of my sophomore year of high school about 7 years ago.


keep in mind, you muscles might not be ready for 4 rep scheme yet. get some more opinions, but its a good idea to prepare with high rep first , even on comp exercizes. will help prevent injuries and will cut you up for that matter.

I was trained by Tommy Selecky who is a 3 time all american line backer, played for N.H. wolverines, and drafted into nfl. Our first 3 months of training was just getting and preparing for the 3-5 rep scheme. with him i gained close to 45 pounds of weight, and im still 32 size waist, so its not fat.

do some reserach and get some more opinions, in no way listen to me alone.


Last 3 months I’ve been doing a navy seal bodyweight routine and then switched over to Perry Rader’s template with squats http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/peary_raders_oldschool_training
Thanks for the tip though I’ll keep it in mind.


Day 2:
Corner Bar Rotations: (3x10) - 10lbs, 12.5 lbs, 15lbs
Russian Twists: 25lbs (3x10)
Ab Wheel: (3x10)
Hanging Leg Raise: (3x10) 10 lbs
Dragon Flags: (3x10)
Sprints - 1/2 mile total sprints (working up to a mile)

Day 3:
Clean to Push Press:
(4x95lbs) (3x115lbs) (2x125lbs)
(4x105lbs) (3x125lbs) (2x130lbs)
Front Squat:
(4x135lbs) (3x145lbs) (2x155lbs)
(4x150lbs) (3x160lbs) (2x170lbs)
External Rotations: (3x8) 12.5lbs
Lateral Raise: (2x6) with 15lbs (2x6) with 20 lbs


So long as you are making good progress with this, then very good, no reason to change now if so.

However if this starts stalling out for you, a concern I have with it is that particularly at a relatively early level of development, which I’d assume from the weights and measurements, the balance is skewed rather extremely towards low reps for many of the major exercises.

The most subtle change you could make to this which still could do very well towards correcting that would be to eliminate the first of these sets for each exercise, and to add a final set 10% lighter than the last set but for considerably more reps: as many as possible. Or potentially drop both the first and second of the wave loading sets and add in two final sets: one being a 10% drop and the other a further drop by the same amount.

E.g. if the top working weight was 100 lb, then the set added to that (having omitted the previously-planned first set) would be 90 lb, and if another one was added as well (in that case having omitted the previously-planned second set as well), it would be 80 lb.

That would still get your neural training but would also give the muscles some work more up into the hypertrophy range.


Unfortunately, I was unable to continue the 22 - the 28 because I had to go back home where there isn’t a gym to lift at and the high school was closed, and both of my gyms here were closed or had remodeling being done. So yesterday I started again.

(Also on the 18th - 21st we got about 20+ inches of snow so I was averaging 4 hours of sleep a night and literally no time to lift so it unfortunately got neglected)

(4x225) (3x245) (2x255) (4x245) (3x255) (2x265)
Rows: (done last aside from the reverse push-ups this time)
(4x120) (3x120) (2x130) (4x120) (3x130) (2x140)
Towel Chin Ups: 10, 7, 5
Lunges: (6x85) (6x95) (6x105)
Reverse push-ups (very last this time): 9, 5, 4


Thanks, I’ll keep the suggestion in mind.


Ab Wheel: 3x10
Corner Bar rotation: (10x10lbs) (10x12.5lbs) (10x15lbs)
Russian Twists: (3x10) with 25lbs
Hanging leg raise: (3x10) with 10lbs
Dragon Flags: (3x10)
1/2 mile of sprints

Day 3
Clean to push press: (4x115) (3x125) (2x130)
(4x125) (3x135) (2x135)
Front Squat: (4x145) (3x155) (2x165)
(4x155) (3x165) (2x175)
External Rotation: (3x8) with 12.5
Lateral Raise: (2x6) with 15lbs (2x6) with 20lbs


(4x235) (3x245) (2x260) (4x255) (3x265) (2x270)
Lunges: (6x90lbs) (6x100lbs) (6x110lbs)
(4x120) (3x140) (2x140) (4x130) (3x140) (2x150)
Towel Chin Ups: 11, 7, 5
Reverse Push Ups: 9, 5, 5


Corner Bar Rotations: (3x10) - 10lbs, 12.5 lbs, 15lbs
Russian Twists: 25lbs (3x10)
Ab Wheel: (3x10)
Hanging Leg Raise: (3x10) 10 lbs
Dragon Flags: (3x10)
Sprints - 1/2 mile total


Clean to Push Press:
(4x120) (3x125) (2x130) (4x125) (3x130) (2x135)
Front Squats:
(4x150) (3x155) (2x160) (4x160) (3x175) (2x185)
Lateral Raises: (done at the closer somewhat inadequate gym)
(6x10lbs) (6x10lbs) (6x10lbs) (6x15lbs)
External Rotation:
(8x15lbs) (8x15lbs) (8x15lbs)


(4x240) (3x250) (2x260) (4x260) (3x270) (2x280)
Bent Over Rows: (different gym that’s less equipped)
(4x95) (3x115) (2x135) (4x135) (3x145) (2x155)
(6x95lbs) (6x100lbs) (6x105lbs)
Towel Chin Ups: 10, 8, 6


Ab wheel: (3x10)
Corner Bar Rotation: (3x10) 12.5lbs, 15lbs, 17.5lbs
Russian Twists: (3x10) 25lbs
Dragon Flags: (3x10)
Sprints: 6 laps (2/3 of a mile total)


Clean to Push Press:
(4x125) (3x130) (2x135) (4x130) (3x135) (2x140)
Front Squat:
(4x155) (3x160) (2x165) (4x175) (3x180) (2x185)
Lateral Raise:
(6x10lbs) (6x10lbs) (6x15lbs) (6x15lbs)
External Rotation:
(8x15lbs) (8x15lbs) (8x15lbs)


I have a shoulder injury to my infraspinatus that was acting up over the summer that is starting to return so I think to remedy this I need to stop my current routine and switch to a partial body split so I can hit more areas that I might be neglecting. (I think it might be from the front squats but I’m not positive on that) I’ll post my current measurements in an hour or two