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Guys Who Use Smiley Faces?


Who here thinks it's gay/feminine when a guy uses smiley faces?



I think they're lame and try to use sparingly, but it's hard to suggest sarcasm or something similar over the internet without sometimes.


to another guy, hell yeah it is.

However I do it when talking to girls, especially ones i'm interested in. This is only to make it clear when i'm joking around because I can be really sarcastic. I don't want them thinking i'm a complete asshole (although that seems to work for a lot of guys..)



Is there anything that's not gay for a guy to do?

Hey man, is it gay if two chicks suck my dick while I drink beer and shoot animals and watch porn?


Is it gay porn?


I think smilies and whatnot are important because it is so difficult to judge tone on the webernetz. They should be used judiciously - stefanogym's posts are an example of what NOT to do.


Lol, what?


No ... it might be gay to watch porn depending on the genre of porn you're watching ... nttawwt

I personally don't think there's anything wrong with smiley faces ... as stated earlier they convey sarcasm through text ... something which could be misconstrued and might cause problems can be easily avoided just by adding a :slight_smile: ... i mean is it gay for a guy to want pussy? I personally love the poon, and if adding a smiley face in a text furthers that cause then bring it the fuck on...


You love the cock and you know it.



i use smiley faces

they help take some of the edge off of what i say

example, an AIM convo like 2 secs ago

Me: wanna make me some waffles?
Her: no
Me: you suck
Her: you wish
Me: no, i wish you blew
Her: lol
Me: alright, so let me know when you wanna make some waffles or do the blow thing :wink:


Perfect example.




In person people can't tell when I'm kidding. So it'd be out of character for me to use smileys in text. Truthfully I'd rather let a girl wonder if I'm being serious. If I'm going to say something so offensive that it needs a smiley, it's probably better left unsaid.

On the flip side, I find it irritating when girls don't use smileys. In plain text alone, they're impossible to figure out.


I :frowning: at you for questioning smilies.




i dont use lifting gloves and never use smilies, much, does that make me man enough?


That's hurtful, man.

And for all you smiley users out there, don't act like you didn't feel at least a little bit feminine when you first started using them. I won't debate their usefulness for appearing lighthearted over the interwebz, but seriously, they're gay. Admit it.




we all have our vices


Haha. You like it rough, huh?

I don't care how many winky faces you make, there's no way to joke about a girl's weight, eating habits, or anything remotely connected to those things.