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Guy's Trip with my 12 Year Old Son

Looking for some advice/ideas.

So, we have signed up for a German GAP program. We have a German girl coming to stay with us for a month starting next week, and then beginning of next summer my daughter will go live with her for a month. Since the program has issues getting female chaperones, my wife has volunteered to go (free airfare and whatnot for the chaperone). This will leave me at home with my 12 year old (a couple months from 13) son. What I am wanting to do is some kind of guys’ trip, just me and him. Trying to think of some good stuff for the two of us to do together, preferably just the two of us but in a small group would not be a show-stopper (as long as we still get some ‘together’ time).

He is big into computers and video games (like pretty much every other kid his age), but is open to the idea of outdoorsy/guy stuff. Let me clarify, he doesn’t sit in his room all day playing video games, he spends a large amount of time outside with his friends in the neighborhood.

I haven’t talked to him about it yet to ask his ideas, I would like to have some ideas to propose, and then let him help in planning or whatever.

Good ole fashioned tent camping? Kids love camp fires and if it’s a nice location, you could go for hikes in the morning and afternoon.

You could also take him to a gay smelting factory than off to shoot a deer… Worked for Homer.

gay smelting factory? What the fuck are you talking about?

Just stating the obvious options.

Where are you guys? Could be a good time to tackle some of the Appalachian Mountains if you’re on the east coast.


*I see it says Tennesse in your profile, that’s perfect.


Any type of camping/hiking/fishing is probably awesome, but I’d venture a guess that level of experience should be major consideration too.

Some of my best times as a kid were in the Seneca Rocks area of West Virginia, but more recently around Ohiopyle state park in PA. Mostly stuff that is wild enough to see some snakes and stuff, but close enough to grab something to eat if you don’t catch dinner.

you missed that episode of the Simpsons. It was a good one.

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Make him kill an animal

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When I read the title of this thread I thought it was going to be about how someone’s 12 year old son was taking a trip with some old guy and the OP wasn’t 100% ok with it…

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My 12 year old is uncomfortably close with his coach

I am currently deployed to the middle east, and about 4 months into my deployment I find out my 12 year old has a bodybuilding coach. He developed an interest in bodybuilding since I’ve been gone. We had gone to the gym together before I left but it became a bit of an obsession for him while I was gone. He barely even talks to me when we have the chance. Then I find out he made friends with a guy at the gym and then he started coaching him. He tried to hide it that they went out to dinner together but eventually came clean. I looked at our phone records (I know breach of trust and privacy) and he is talking to him multiple times a day and at all hours of the day. When I asked about it he got really defensive and said he’s just a friend. I did apologize for breaking his trust. I also found out he is another Marine which makes me even more uncomfortable. I’ve been reading T-Nation for a while and this is my first post. I just wanted opinions from like minded individuals.


I’ll second camping/canoeing/hiking but don’t underestimate the power of a good All-American road trip especially if there’s an amusement park at the end.

Lastly, recognize that no matter what, your boy just wants to spend time with you. You could take a trip to look at a hole in the ground and he’s going to remember it forever because it was just him and his dad.


That explains the Google results I got. When he originally said Homer, I was thinking The Odyssey.

And thanks for the tips. I’m kinda figuring the same thing (as far as him just wanting to spend time together), but I want it to be something he’ll dig. My plan is to come up with some ideas, and then include him in the planning as we get closer.