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Guys Over 50 and Taking T: Sound Off

Hi Guys -
I’m really interested in a conversation among those guys over 50 who decided to start TRT, particularly guys who have been on it for a few years or more. I’m awaiting my final lab results and it looks likely I’ll be starting soon. Here are the main questions. Answer as few or as many as you like. Really looking forward to the info. Thanks!

Q1: What was the main symptom/reason that convinced you to start on TRT? How low was your T level when you started?

Q2: What do you like the most about TRT?

Q3: What do you like the least about TRT?

Q4: What is something that surprised you (i.e. something you didn’t expect before beginning treatment that happened to you)?

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Hey Brad, welcome. :slight_smile:

I’m not exactly what you are looking for but might as well get the ball rolling. I’m 53 years old and on TRT for 7 months. Everything has improved about 60% from where I was at 49-51 when my testosterone suddenly went downhill. My symptoms were brain fog, low energy, low sex drive and terrible erections, if they happened! TRT has been a fantastic improvement to my quality of life in all those respects and I’m still dialing it in. I’m hoping to reach 80%+ of where I was at 45.

Good luck brother!

120mg a week of test cypionate
17mg (120/7) daily pin with 30 gauge 5/16" insulin syringe SubQ into belly

EDIT* I’m a LOW SHBG guy if wondering why the daily pins. I actually quite enjoy the whole morning ritual though. LOL

Suddenly can you give details. Cause mine happened suddenly too had hot flashes , insomnia , Ed, high BP, mental breakdown with anxiety. Had sporadic Ed year B4 then boom I had all those symptoms in a matter of 2-3 weeks.
Btw am 41. I always second guess if this sudden Thing was something that caused my low t instead of the low t causing it.

Well, my test levels gradually lowered over a period of 5 years but more dramatically in the last 2 and then, I went BELOW the normal range. Everything else checked out fine in blood and urine so the doctor offered TRT because it’s not too uncommon for men my age to be low and I said yes please. LOL All symptoms mentioned in my first reply worsened in those last 3 years and I had to find a cure, I found it.

So far, very positive replies. When you folks are talking about “low” T, I’m wondering how low you’re talking about.

What about side effects? Changes to body hair, body odor, dealing with application/injections, get labs, etc.

Never took my t before symptoms. Onset of my horrible sudden symptoms was around 430 in the am. Then a week or 2 later 220 measured in 2 separate days. Then right before I started treatment 380. These tests were taken in a span of about 3-4 weeks.

I’ve been on trt for 8-9 months. I always had lower back pain - trt resolved that so I think am right to conclude I’ve always been on low end? My e2 was lower end to B4 trt. My estradiol non sensitive was 15 pg/ml when t was 380.

I’m over 60 been on TRT for 2.5 years protocol stable for the last year.

Q1: What was the main symptom/reason that convinced you to start on TRT? How low was your T level when you started? depression 200ng/dL 175ng/dL

Q2: What do you like the most about TRT? My strength returned and with that I was able to get back in shape.

Q3: What do you like the least about TRT? The T lvl I enjoy the most gives me too much libido. Yes you can have too much libido. Thinking about sex all the time and wanting more after 3 hours of just having sex is torture. Having your little head tell your big head what to do all the time sucks.

Q4: What is something that surprised you (i.e. something you didn’t expect before beginning treatment that happened to you)? In researching TRT and mens health around that topic I never realized how many guys have broken bodies. Things that never worked right in the first place or things that just quit working. I feel sorry for them.

I hope that helped.
If you are just getting started with TRT expect lots of ups and downs. It takes your body a long time to adjust. Once you get your hormones in balance only then does the healing start that takes time also.
The best tip I can give you is don’t take just anyones advice on the internet. There is way too much bro-science and group think.
Ask around get different opinions, bring it up with your doc then and only then make your decision.

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I’m 57. Been on TRT for 3+ years. I had all the typical symptoms of brain fog, tiredness, fat gain, loss of motivation, crappy sleep. I didn’t have libido issues or any other sexual dysfunction. What I like best about TRT is that I have my health back and I look and feel better than I have in 25 years. What I like least is all the injections. Biggest surprise is that the volume of cum really reduces over time.

Volume low to. But when I edge like a 1/2 hour session. It is a big load. Shoots too.

Anyway do any of you guys supplement with dhea or progesterone?

You’re not going to find many positive replies on any forum, the majority of people come here because their doctors are TRT ignorant and have a need to seek answers on forums because they have nowhere else to turn.

You’re going to hear mostly negative experiences. That’s not to say some of us haven’t turn things around on our own, in a short amount of time you’ll know things your doctor should know but doesn’t.

Hormone therapy is seriously lacking within the medical community in relation to replacing a man’s or women testosterone. Your biggest challenge will be locating a doctor that is knowledgeable in TRT.

My winning protocol is 20mg EOD, AI .03125 EOD so far. It took me a little more than a year to get to the point where I feel good. Once weekly, twice weekly injections failed to yield good results. It was on this forum I learned low SHBG men usually do well on multiple injections a week.

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Good lord Charlie, that is a lot of information. lol Going to call you EdgeLord for now on

I told you the benefits in your other post but…

I’ve been on some sort of TRt for over 10 years. First it was a compounded cream, then I moved and changed Drs. He gave me “bio-identical” hormones in a topical cream. Under that regimen, my E2 went higher than my ex-wife’s. I bitched and he put me on low dose Test cyp injections. I moved again, and I found a Dr who gave me a higher dose injections and added an AI in sublingual troche. My final treatment was pellets placed under my skin on my glute. That lasted about 4 months before I went in the crapper.

My ex-wife’s brother in law was a Dr ad he gave me low dose Test and I cruised on that for a while but never felt right. He refused to bump me up regardless of how I felt. My PCP tried to put me on Welbutrin because I felt like shit and couldn’t sleep. At the time I didn’t know it was Test related.

After I divorced my ex, I took it upon myself to self treat. I’ve been doing that for about 4 years now and like I said in the other post, I run about 250/week. I also blast about twice a year. My current wife supports my choice of self treatment and she can see how much I’ve changed under this regimen.

A) What are the results of your blasts usually?
B) Changed how?

I’m not complaining, we used to have to change the sheets and now we don’t. Orgasm quality is way better. Just very small load. If I was a young guy I wouldn’t like the small load. P

I use 25mg DHEA daily

First time I tried tren I absolutely loved it but apparently, it made me into an asshole. I convinced my wife to let me try again. That didn’t go over well either! LOL. But it did lean me out quite a bit. Lately my blast are in the spring to help me drop some fat. Mostly I add masteron. My last blast though was for bulking and I added about 15 pounds.

Happier. Sleep better. Increased libido. General feeling of well being. Playful. Leaner. More muscular. More confident.

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Have you considered a T only blast like physio is talking about?

Get a vasectomy and fill her up. :smiley: My wife loves it.

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I guess you could say I already did that. When I first started self treating I was pinning about 1000/week for a probably a year. It was the education I got on this board that caused me to change all that and drop down to a reasonable cruise.

Check out these blood levels.

If I blast would the high t cause me to lose belly fat? That’s all I really want.
How long to blast? Is 4 weeks good.

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