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Guys on Daily SubQ: Dosing and Results?

So after talking at length with my doctor yesterday, I will be doing daily sub q injections, starting on Monday. For those of you who do daily subQ and testosterone only (no hcg or AI etc), what daily dose do you use, what daily dose do you feel best at and where does that put your numbers?

He has given me the freedom to choose my frequency, and with me being on the lower end of SHBG and prone to anxiety, i’ve decided that daily shots would probably be best for me.
He has also given the the freedom to choose my daily dose, provided i do not go over 100mg per week in total, to start out, until we get our first labs done after 8-12 weeks of being on a set protocol.

With all of that said, just looking for some of your experiences, advice and input (guys on daily subq only, and also guys on test only).


I would start off at the 100mg per week. This is a pretty low dose so might as well start there.

do you do subQ? If i CAN start lower and feel good/get good levels, i will…but i do have the full 100mg per week to use if needed… have talked to some guys who feel best/do best/need 200mg…and lots of guys who do less than 100mg per week in daily shots and get great #s and feel good… i’m hoping i can be one of those, but prepared if im not

Labs? You could start with 10-15mg daily if you’re SHBG is low enough

I don’t so subq. Not sure it matters. I have heard both as far as absorption. Some say IM is better, some say there is no difference. If you are doing daily you might be able to get away with a little less. There are a couple outliers on this forum taking less than 100mg per week but they are by far the exception. Might as well start out at 100mg. Give it 6 weeks, see how you feel and get some labs.

Your dosage will depend on the rate at which you metabolize testosterone, not the SHBG. It is recommended to start TRT in isolation and dial in that way.

I aromatized more on SQ, not so with IM.

my SHBG has been between 21-23 the past couple of years

i am going to be doing testosterone only, no AI and no HCG…so that part i have covered as you said…but i always thought that how fast you metabolize T is in part due to how high or low your SHBG is?

TRT will most likely decrease your SHBG, so frequent injections is a good idea. Dr. Crisler (no long with us) had a lot of experience with low SHBG patients on TRT and did have a method for determining excretion rates of testosterone via the kidneys.

Not all low SHBG guys metabolize, excrete testosterone any quicker than a high SHBG guy, it’s very individual. He strongly advocated for daily shots for low SHBG guys that were having issues and is one of the first docs who had his patients doing SQ injections long before most have heard of SQ injections. He was doing SQ injections himself.

That’s not terribly low. You could prolly get by with EOD 25-30mg

probably right… i just figure doing daily would be easiest to remember, make it part of my morning routine after i shower etc

ok, guys… Friday will be my first injection… i’ve decided on a daily protocol… but not settled on a dose yet or if i should do shallow IM or SubQ… would prefer subQ if i’m someone who it works well for… would also prefer the lowest dose that i can take and feel good on… with my low SHBG etc, any final suggestions for me before i start?


Very unlikely you need to inject every day… as far as subQ vs IM, I personally tend to steer people towards IM but certainly some people prefer subQ.

I’d do IM 2-3x a week if I was you and start there. If there are ups and downs then increase frequency if really needed. No reason to poke yourself 7 days a week if not necessary.


I did subQ at the very beginning of my TRT regimen of 100mg/week, with injections 2x/week (50mg Sunday and Wednesdays). I personally didn’t like SubQ injections at all, and would have painful lumps in my (limited) bellyfat and didn’t feel the overall benefit of TRT as much as when I switched to intramuscular injections. I also felt tired and drained a lot of the time under SubQ. I felt the IM injections much more in terms of energy/etc within 1-2 weeks of switching, and my bloodwork/labs under the exact regimen above (50mg 2x/week) but with IM injections showed higher Testosterone levels (maybe the increased Testosterone was one-off because it does vary, but symptomatically i felt MUCH better on IM). That was just my personal experience and everybody differs. I now inject EOD with 27g 1/2" syringe in my delts and never looked back…


Yeah, same. Never liked subQ and it never did much for me. There’s always some trial and error, though I still think IM has the higher chance for success in general though, so seems like a good place to start to me.

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