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Guys Gone Wild


I'm chillin' late night watching, well, crap on the tele and BOOM

Guys Gone Wild!

I squinted my eyes, shook my head to get the cobwebs out. I opened my eyes, and yup. I saw Guys Gone Wild.

Oh my sweet God in heaven. The things I saw on the commercial!

"I'll only take a shower for Guys Gone Wild." Dudes flashing their junk while arms resting over next dudes (flashing junk) shoulders.

I'm wondering, will girls buy this... or is this going to reap crazy dollars from the gay male segment of the populace?

There's a little voice inside my head saying "No, this is not right."


Sweet mother of jesus.
Ok,now I know for sure the world is going to hell in a hand basket....or will that start once Hilary Clinton gets in the white house?


Puts a whole new spin on "The Thing that should not Be," doesn't it, Cthulhu... sleeping in your city of R'lyeh.


Why is girls gone wild OK and not the opposite?


'Cause we don't want to see the commercials for it.

The ones for Girls Gone Wild kick ass. Like the one with the island where they're all competing like American Gladiators and then you see one of the girls lift her shirt and these HUGE jugs drop down. Yeah!


Demographic breakdown:
98% Gay Male
2% haggard morbidly obese women




Don't ask such questions! :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, I can see it now... come home from the bar with a few drinks in you... see/hear something about girls gone wild, glue your crossed eyes to the TV, and blammo, junk in yo face!

Oh no, based on previous conversations, I can imagine millions of young men will be made gay by seeing this. It must be an evil conspiracy.

Relax, I'm joking...




Was the commercial on comedy central? I saw one a while ago but it was a parody on the Man Show. I thought it was real until I heard people laughing in the background.


It is real. Prepare for Armageddon.


I had to look. They even have a frat boy video!



Saw it last night for the first time.

Kept waiting to hear, "...but it won't save you any money on your car insurance"


Not believing it could be true, I had to check for myself. Apparently there is a Spring Break version too. As much as I would like to say that this is just wrong, it really is a good money-maker.

Somehow people keep coming up with these stupid ideas and getting rich from selling them for 19.99 on late-night infomercials. The one that really got me was that special hook shaped device for hanging up your bananas so they magically last longer.

Oh, and that one where you hang the bacon over the plastic contraption so when you microwave the bacon all the grease falls in the dish below.


I personally could do without the female version as well but this GGW shit is foul!

But rest assured now that Brokeback won an oscar we will be inundated with this kind of thing so hold on to you seat its gonna be a bummpy ride!


You asshole!! My eyes are burning!!!! ARGH!!!


Or "The thing that should not happen."


I call April Fool's


But the real question is whether or not you guys have a problem with gay people. If not, then it seems a little odd to support the lifestyles of gays and at the same time demand that they remain hidden from public veiw.



It's not Aprils fools! It's real.

If I thought this up I'd advertise it heavily in the gay male community. Apparently, their lifestyle doesn't bother me at all.