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Guys & Calve Muscles


So do guys have a harder time defining and increasing calve muscles? If so, why?


As opposed to women?


smallmike, yes.

It seems to me, and I may be wrong, that most of the guys are having a hard time building calve muscles. Yet they seem to be doing very well with thighs up. Yet most pictures and post from women seem to not have that problem. So I am wondering if it is a genetic or hormone or a creation issue. Ya know?


Calfs seem to be very genetically dependent for sure. The other day as I was walking down the street, I saw a dude infront of me with the biggest, most defined calves I have ever seen. It was insane. The weird thing was that the rest of him was small, didnt really look like he had worked out a day in his life going by his upper body. But his calves... Man I was mirin hard.

On the other hand you have guys who try pretty much anything to make em grow, and they still continue to suck. I am kind of in the middle of the spectrum myself. They arent horrible, but they definetely dont reflect the work I have put into them.


Cheerleading early in life; dancing early in life; walking around in high heels somewhat early in life?


I think girls generally speaking, have larger calves, glutes, ect due to their bodies having to carry around a baby for 9 months at some point in their life. Also if you want bigger calves choose different parents aha, or you can play soccer look at some of their calf muscles even if their relatively small they will still look really defined.


I do a few exercises a week of direct calf work, but I think it ultimately boils down to genetics mostly.


[quote]Bauber wrote:
I do a few exercises a week of direct calf work, but I think it ultimately boils down to genetics mostly. /quote]

This picture shows a much slimmer you, I didn't think you were going to start cutting so soon. Look great by the way, but the video caught me by surprise.

Yes, I lurk a great deal.


Lurkers are always good. I was one for years and still do it! My heaviest was 325 and I came in today at 307.

If you are speaking about the video it's a little older. IIRC in that video I was roughly 285.


I think for calves it is heavily genetic. Not sure if there's a gender divide.

All I know is I am super glad I got my mom's legs. My dad has been a wrestler for 45+ years now, and has never had calf definition in his life, even when he was ridiculously in shape.

And, yeah, wearing heels helps. Even if it doesn't work the calves more, definitely gives more definition when wearing them. So maybe guys having difficulty building calves should just wear stilettos?


The kind of work they take is much different than for other muscles.

My uncle is an avid hiker and his calves are I shit you not almost as big as his (relatively unimpressive) thighs. Its ridiculous really. But similarly, I always notice that hikers, men and women alike, have very well developed calves in terms of size and definition in comparison to the rest of their bodies. I don't know how others train calves, but stimulating them for several consecutive hours walking uphill will definitely make them grow


In my opinion, it could be because women have better and mumbly muscles than us guys. They eat a lot faster and burn fat slower than us, so it might be something related to that?

But I do know there are lots of stimulus or supplement for people who want to stimulate muscles tho.