Guy with a Torn Labia

This conversation occured this morning at about 5:35am, it made my whole day.

I show up at the gym and one of the regulars is there with his arm in a sling, you could tell he was waiting for someone to ask what happened, so I bite. He’s a nice enough guy but will talk your ear off, and is one of those guys who benches in the Smith with wrist straps and half reps.

Me: Hey, what did you do to your arm.

Him: Dude, I was benching yesterday, getting like 315, then I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. It bothered me all day so I finally got in to see the doctor and he took an X-ray and said it is probably a torn labia.

Me: A torn Labia, you sure he didnt say labrum?

Him: No, he said torn Labia, he said it is a pretty common bench press injury. He wants to do an MRI to make sure though.

Me: Man, I bet that hurts like hell.

Him: Its not to bad now just a little sore and stiff.

Me: Oh man, I can see how a torn labia would feel stiff. I think I may have torn a labia or two when I was in college, never checked it out though.

Him: Yea, you might have, the doctor says it happens alot and people dont even know it.

Me: I dont know man, if you tear a labia its gotta hurt pretty bad, I think you would know.

Him: Yea, I know I felt it.

Me: Well, I gotta get started. Take it easy and do what the doctor says, make sure you let that Labia heal before you hit it again.

I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing this whole time. He was totally serious about the whole thing.

Did he also tell you about his strained mammary glands?


man i was ready to cringe while reading your post, but that’s actually kind of funny. i think the doc had something else on his mind? hahahah



That’s pretty fuckin’ funny!


lmfao really i think i even peed alittle thats made my day to


yea I’m at the check in desk at my gym where I work and I read that

i busted out laughin

like I needed another reason to make people think I’m insane

That just made my morning HAHA !

LOL that just made my morning.

Wish I could put that into a “quote” in my sig block at my work e-mail, but I’d be fired for it. Damn that funny!

This thread was funnier and stirred more curiosity before the mods changed it from “Torn Labia”.

A torn labia? Ouch! haha

[quote]totalfit wrote:

He’s a nice enough guy but will talk your ear off, and is one of those guys who benches in the Smith with wrist straps and half reps. [/quote]

Haha! Spectacular. I think I know this guy! ^^

I once had a receptionist who thought that cervical strain was…well you can figure it out.

Is this at all related to a busted canooter valve?

hahaha!! I wouldn’t have been able to bite my tongue! I woulda said something

What a pussy.

This thread is making my ovaries hurt.

Good thing he didn’t tear any ligaments in his rotator clit.

This actually reminds me of a friend who recently explained how he was going in to have surgery on his rotating cup.