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Guy With 27 Inch Arms?


In article: Question of Strength by Charles Proliquin dated 12/10/1999? The guy with the 27" arms.

That is just freaky!


Yea...thats what happens when you become a synthol dealer I guess.


That is just ridiculous -

He looks like he has a butt check for biceps.

If it looks bad with a shirt on - I dont even want to know what its like w/ it off.

:stuck_out_tongue: Not appealing at all~


Interesting T-Nation interview with the guy:


He denies using Synthol but almost everyone thinks that's exactly how he got his arms that way.


those arms are just plain wrong, even if he didn't use drugs, com on he should have known when to stop building!


That's like looking at a ridiculously obese person (I dont mean 'fat', but seriously "I cant believe how large that person is" fat), and wondering at what point they get a sense of how much they've let themselves go (this isnt about people with thyroid disorders, but people who live in denial)



I'm pretty sure that's not Greg Valentino.
Greg is a bit shorter and the shape doesn't quite match.
Anyone know for sure?


No, thats not Valentino. Not sure who it is.


That's not photoshopped?!


His arms look like bloated tumors. Not impressive at all.


He might as well be standing on his arms.


He looks like an ass flexing his arm like it's impressive to anyone.