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Guy to Look Out for


There is a guy that I have just started training with who I think is going to be a force in Strong Man competition in the future. He name is Daniel Macri and he is 6'2 163Kg and only 19 and is natural, I have seen him Squat 420Kg although I am unsure of his other max lifts. He has the best genetics I have ever seen. He is looking to get his pro-card at the end of this year. I will post more when I have news.


Pro card? There is no pro card in strongman.


Yes there is.


There isn't? Wow, someone better tell all those pro strongmen out there that, they are gonna be sad.


pretty sure there is. ever seen that mtv true life thing on kevin nee? he was going for his pro card, he had top place in top 3, or maybe win it, i cant remember it, to get the pro card. he didnt get it his first time, but he got it soon after.


That was a good episode. Was even better after seeing him actually competing in WSM some time after that.


As far as I know, the pro card set up is exclusive to the United States. I'm not aware of any other country that has the amateur/pro system.


There is pro card in strongman


This would make a lot of sense.


Who are you? That's interesting....Dan has never squatted 420kg although if he told you that it wouldn't surprise me.
Dan having the best genetics you've seen is slightly bizarre. My name is Sam and I can beat him in half of the events and I weigh 98kg and am 5'9. My genetics are incredible! or I train hard. Don't make me post a picture of him to show how much of a joke this is.

Don't get me wrong Dan is a good friend of mine and strong as a bull but you're going overboard here.


Please post picture lol


You've gotten me curious now, pic?




My bad, I see you have a system like that in the US. For the rest of the world however there is no pro cards.


Australia has a pro card system.


wow, Dan must have massively increased his squat since quitting the gym and training at home.
His previous best in comp was 350kg in OPO from a monolift wearing a Metal Pro suit and Metal Pro briefs.
He's a strong guy and has lots of genetic potential, pity he doesn't train smart enough to take advantage of it. Ask him what his best deadlift is, that's the real test of a pro strongman


Haha yeah, or better yet ask what his best raw squat is...actually below parallel!


soo here i am just cruising the T-Nation forums and wow this is pretty odd, as i have no idea who posted this about me... soo yeah lets clear a few things up...

first of all i only weigh 149 and im 20 and been twenty since pretty much the start of the year. and i am not using any kind of gear

i dont have any one train with me except my dad or little brother come and help us out with some stuff

my best official squat is 350kg in power lifting gear metal pro suit and briefs in training i have attempted a 400kg squat and was told my depth was ok but did not have any one really trust worth judging me sooo what ever it doesnt count.

never maxed out a raw squat but did 250 for a triple about 3 weeks ago to a box 30 cm high

havent maxed out any kind of deadlift in ages either but did 220 for 10 on a fat bar about 2 months back since then i have been working on partials since they are in the comp i have comming up and have done 255 for a set of 10

as for claims of me having the greatest genetics ever i totaly dissagree, although i often dont train as hard as what i should and really could achieve a lot more with the genetics i have.


So Anyways,

Marius for king?


my bets on zyvikas...