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Guy Thinks He's Got it Goin' Bossanova


I saw some others quoting this so i guess it may have already been posted? Even if it has, it's worth posting again, and again, and again. Who's chair is that?

EDIT: The guy is trippin on acid and his friends recorded him saying random shit... That's probably pretty important information to know for this video...




Other than pity, what do I get for making it to the 2 minute mark?


get real, like those things.


what the hell was that?


It's fucking awesome. I love that.


The guy is trippin on acid and his friends recorded him talking...


i hear it's like all the clocks.





no way. no way. what is this garbage?


oh, i'm king of the trees. I'm the treemeister. I count on them


Captain Tying knots

Anyone needs knots they go to him


That's pretty old, but hilarious....The video itself is nothing special, until you know the story behind it.


That its a comedian practicing a New Jersey accent.....and NOT a guy on drug?



who's this guy? Mr Balloons. Mr Balloon hands.


This has been posted before and has proven to be a very divisive video. People either find it hilarious, or unbelievably stupid - nobody in between.

I'm in the second category. What is funny about this?




Liam Lynch and Dan Deacon are well known musicians. Liam Lynch is more of a spoken word gimmick musician. Too lazy to google but Im pretty sure hes responsible for 'This is my United States of Whatever"

So he may be on acid but acid will not make you see people with balloon hands but it might enhance your bullshit riffing ability

Not sure where Dan Deacon comes into the equation...


That's really not the point, as far as I'm concerned. The video simply needs some kind of context. It doesn't matter if it's true or not. Just like if a comedian makes a hilarious joke about his wife and kids, and you later find out that he's not even married. The fact that the joke was a lie, doesn't make it any less funny.


No, he was actually doing a Long Island accent, not a NJ one.

And yes, acid will make you see all sorts of shit. One friend of mine had his car attack him and Yoda came and saved him.